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We are committed to children and young people living a life of equality, justice and dignity, and that the solutions we develop to support these are sustainable in the long-term. We do this by working in powerful partnerships to identify and tackle the underlying causes and consequences of poverty, exclusion and discrimination that stop them achieving their full potential. SCOEN strives to advance the rights children and equality for girls, young women now and for generations. Our vision is for Children, women and girls in East and Northern Uganda to have equal access, opportunity, and influence in all aspects of their public and private lives.

Advocating for the rights of adolescents and young people

We support the right of all children, adolescents and young people to make their own free and informed choices in relation to their sexual and reproductive health, free from coercion, violence and discrimination. However, adolescents and young people – and girls and young women in particular – are frequently denied the right to exert control over their bodies. They may not have a say in important decisions such as if, when and whom they marry and whether to start a family. Too often, adolescent pregnancy reflects the lack of access to information and lack of choice that girls and young women have. It also poses a major health risk to them – in fact, complications related to pregnancy and childbirth are still a leading cause of death for adolescent girls.


We know that education has the power to transform a child’s life, give them a more prosperous and healthy future, and help their entire community beat poverty and inequality. Education can change everything, we work to give every child the opportunities they need and make sure that nothing stands in their way.



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