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We are in uncharted waters. COVID-19 is present nearly everywhere, and our community is no exception. SCOEN has an important role to play by continuing operations to best serve our community. We know that times are tough, but there are still reasons to smile. DOING. WHAT. IS. RIGHT. We should all be responsible, helpful to one another and collectively guard our global jealously from COVID-19

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Investing in girls now will pay dividends in the future

Why is it that we still need to talk about women’s economic empowerment in 2017? Once you peel back the...

Child Marriage a Handicap to Female Labour Market Transition

Although Uganda has a fairly strong and enabling legal and policy framework, young females continue being propelled into early marriages...

Violence against children: a global problem

Violence against children is one of the biggest problems affecting families and societies. It happens all around the world, in...

Uganda: Violence against women unabated despite laws and policies

She had always dreamed of becoming a powerful politician, and her excitement on finally joining Parliament was overwhelming. On her...

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