NBS TV Investigates exposes modern day slavery in Uganda

Have you ever stopped to wonder what 50,000 Uganda Shillings can do for you today? With 50, 000 shillings, I can pay for my monthly Netflix subscription, with 50, 000 shillings, I can happily buy 7 beers at Valhalla’s reggae night, with the same amount still, I can afford a good steak from a fancy restaurant around Kampala. But there is more.

In Soroti district, the life of a girl is worth 50,000 shillings. For seven beers, you can buy a human being in Uganda today. Let that sink in!

In yet another groundbreaking investigative story, this is what NBS TV’s journalists have uncovered. The story under the NBS Investigates feature went deep cover to expose modern day slavery in our country. The months long investigation, now showcased on Next Media Uganda YouTube channel and already aired is present for all to see and attest for themselves.

NBS TV journalists risked their lives, led by Canary Mugume, to go undercover to untangle the web that begins from Soroti and finds its way onto Kampala road and other parts of the country. The hope of this investigative piece being that the authorities and Ugandans who care about their country take note.

One can only hope that this investigative piece on modern day slavery in Uganda will encourage a crackdown on this evil in our country. We hope that lives will be saved and changed for the better and everyone will take up the mantle to break up this vicious trade that ruins lives.

Meanwhile NBS TV is not done. We have lined up yet another social good investigative piece coming up, one helmed by Solomon Sserwanjja. The piece is about the illegal sale of government drugs. I cannot wait to share it with you very soon! Source NBS TV

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