Double your gift- girls parliament to end child marriage


Monthly provides a month’s worth of girls voice to be hard! If girls are to reach their potential they must be able to live free from violence, discrimination and be equally valued. At present, no country has achieved gender equality – that must change. We are committed to support girls and young women to reach their potential.

Make an impact, right now – with a chance to double your gift

All girls and young women have the right to meaningfully participate in the key decisions that affect them. All too often, girls are denied a say, left unrepresented and left behind. Barriers that prevent girls from effectively participating need to be removed to ensure their voices are heard reason why Girls Parliament to end child marriage in Uganda was set up, giving girls a voice, many of the challenges they face can be overcome. This will help accelerate change and ensure their needs are addressed effectively.

If it’s within your means to give, small contributions, especially monthly gifts, will go a long way in serving these communities. You can make an immediate impact right now for girls who need it.