SCOEN proposes to advance girls’ leadership by facilitating girls’ parliaments through which girls and women can advocate with key stakeholders like police, clan-local, church leaders, and child protection units to end child marriage at the community, sub-county, and district level. The girls’ parliament endeavors to strengthen the voice, choice of girls & women, and their status in the community. By providing adolescent girls and young women with training to lead, set up girls’ parliaments, SCOEN hopes to enable girls to become change agents to contribute to raising community awareness about their rights, child marriage, and gender violence This will create a platform that promotes critical reflection and allows for questioning of beliefs, myths, and practices in order to realize a change in social norms, accelerating the reduction of child marriage and gender-based violence.

The created a dialogue about gender equality and child marriage and use of video/voice recording of interested community members that share helpful stories, testimonies, ideas, experiences, and knowledge about child marriage will strengthen girls and women, their dignity and status in not only in the community but at SCOEN as well, this seeks to motivate a sustained behavior change towards girls in the community with special reference to addressing child marriage. Providing young and teenaged girls with the tools they need to participate in community decision‐making and to take charge of their own futures.

In addition, with the adolescent girls increased awareness of SRH services, deepened understanding of communities about their situation, current practices, interests, existing opportunities, helps devise mitigating strategies for sustainable behavior change; enhanced accountability and stimulates action and a sense of ownership of the agreed interventions by the community; Safe and supportive space for parents to inform themselves and talk with other parents and families.

Parents knowledgeable with the information needed to better protect and support their daughters in matters relating to gender violence and SRH, equipped with the knowledge they need to be effective advocates of women’s rights able to take action, alongside other community members to end child marriage. It is envisaged that; this will create opportunities for productive community level discussions on early marriage and how it can be overcome.

Supports young female leaders as critical to achieving gender equality promote systemic change for women and girls, this will help accelerate change, ensure their needs are addressed effectively, improve the quality of services, policies, governance and access to justice. This means the voices and needs of women and girls receive the attention, respect they deserve and promote systemic change for women and girls.

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