Compassion hearts is a call for community to step up, find little ways to help Sickle cell anemia children during COVID-19. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has meant the Sickle cell anemia children we support have been disconnected from us for now months. These families are not equipped to deal with the pandemic. With all diseases, the Sickle cell anemia child is always most at risk. We need to provide information, essential items and support to ensure these families we support are safe.


According to experts, it is said the people with many chronic diseases are at most risk of death, including those with Sickle cell anaemia. There are many Sickle cell children living under health, economic and social vulnerability that we take care of. This population has been impacted negatively with poverty already. Many of them are living in child led families and under dire circumstances. For many of these children are from child led families who may have a single meal a day.


We work to provide opportunities to thrive to a life free from poverty. We won’t stop supporting them when they need us more than ever. But we need your help, your donation will help us provide information, care kits-emergency supplies like; sickle cell treatment – HYDROXYUREA TREATMENT recommended, food, soap & sanitary products for Sickle cell anemia children and their loved one. Also with continue our essential counseling programme to these families on phone to ensure they are alone.

Long-Term Impact

The long-term impact of this virus in the resource-poor communities we work in is devastating. Food will become less secure forcing the most vulnerable into hunger, information will not reach the most remote communities, health systems will be strained. These families will still be able to continue with normal life even after. The project will reduce the impact of food crisis that capable of causing malnutrition, sickle anaemia children and diseases related to poor feeding practices.

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