Action for Girls and Young Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Uganda

  • Action for Girls and Young Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Uganda:  This programme  aims  to  consolidate  reproductive  health knowledge  among  rural   communities  targeting  adolescent  girls  and young  women  (AGYW) to  support  demystification  of   Sexual   Reproductive  Health  (SRH)  myths,  misconceptions,  increase awareness  of   Sexual   Reproductive  Health  Rights  (SRHR) A  full   range  of   complex  drivers  are  at  the  roots  of   girls  and  young  women’s  marginalization  and  vulnerability  contributing  to their  unfulfilled     In response, the programme aims to address the following among those in Bukedea and Soroti Districts:


  1. AGYW do not have the necessary knowledge, agency, capacities to articulate their demands for their SRHR
  2. AGYW do not  have  a  space  to  express  themselves;   they  do  not  have  a  voice  on  issues  related  to  their  own  sexual   and reproductive  health  and  rights  at  community  level ,  nor  are  given  spaces  to  participate  and  influence  the  policies  related  to their  SRHR
  3. Quality and  integrated  SRH  information  and  services,  including  family  planning  and  GBV  response  mechanisms,  are  scarcely available  and  accessed  by  AGYW  in  rural   areas  of   Bukedea  and 
  4. The increased  knowledge  and  awareness  of   AGYW  on  SRHR  did  not  translate  into  behavioural   change:   there  is  still   a  very low  use  of   contraceptives  by  AGYW,  despite  their  knowledge  about  modern  contraceptive  Gender inequality, well -established social   norms, traditional   cultural   practices  –  such  as  child  marri age,  initiation  rites,  a patriarchal   socio-cultural   system  –  have  a  negative  influence  on  SRHR  of   AGYW