Share Child Opportunity Eastern and Northern Uganda (SCOEN) is an charitable organisation, established in Uganda in the year 2010, that strives to advance the rights children and equality for girls, young women now and for generations. Our vision is for Children, women and girls in East and Northern Uganda to have equal access, opportunity, and influence in all aspects of their public and private lives.

We are committed to children and young people living a life of equality, justice and dignity, and that the solutions we develop to support these are sustainable in the long-term. We do this by working in powerful partnerships to identify and tackle the underlying causes and consequences of poverty, exclusion and discrimination that stop them achieving their full potential. We believe in the power of connections to advance children’s rights and gender equality.

We know we are stronger when we work together in solid partnerships, sharing our knowledge, together we can advance children’s rights and gender equality further and faster, creating more opportunities for all children and ending the cycle of poverty.


Is to achieve transformation through self-help initiatives, relief, giving all necessary assistance to orphans, needy children & widows in a holistic manner towards improvement in the quality of life through interventions that reduce vulnerability to illiteracy, ignorance poverty, disease, hunger and gross abuse of human rights.


Healthy, prosperous and well learned child community. The end result is to raise reliable responsible, resourceful and productive citizens through providing and facilitating the education, instruction, training and equipping with skills to the children in a high-standard life values set up.

Our Core Values

Service excellence: We are committed to excellence of the highest standards of quality and professionalism in our service delivery, and we strive to continually improve all aspects of our operations.

Trust: We value the children to us and to commit to delivering services in a safe and trustworthy environment through respectful, nurturing relationships that promote healing.

Respect: We respect each family’s knowledge, values, ideas and beliefs and give them partnership role in their services and support based on trust and respect.

Hope: We believe in the potential of every child, family and community and champion a bright vision for their future through our service and compassion

Integrity: We are professional and hones in our interactions and hold ourselves and our programs accountable to highest ethical and performance standards. Our own accountability for improved results

Innovation: We actively strive to bring new ideas and creative approaches in our service delivery to identify and address the challenges of today’s families

Our programme focus

SCOEN’s works with partners that help us reach our goals in the following areas:

  • Youth economic empowerment
  • Quality and inclusion in early childhood development and primary education
  • Strengthening child protection systems
  • Maternal newborn and child health
  • Community based water, sanitation and hygiene.

Our priority is to work with children, young people and communities to tackle the root cause of discrimination against girls, exclusion and vulnerability.

Ours Story

Ugandan Incorporation

In order for an efficient and effective presence in the Soroti district of Uganda we established a permanent office of operations.

How and why the child support came into existence.

North and East Uganda faced rebel wars for about 20 years, of which the rebel commander Joseph Kony was behind every kind of instability in the region. So many families were destroyed by the rebel acts, and many parents were killed leaving the children scattered helplessly within the Teso region. It was until the year 2005 that resettlement of the internally displaced people started taking place within the region.