Share Child Opportunity Eastern and Northern Uganda (SCOEN) is a female-led organization formed in 2010 by women’s rights and child welfare workers, activists, and professionals who were particularly concerned about the mistreatment of children and women as a result of the northeastern Uganda LRA conflict.

Through empowering and mobilizing their participation in the struggle against the Ugandan occupation, the contribution to the development processes, the promotion of their political, economic and civic rights and the expansion of women’s access to justice through improving psychological well-being among women and children, and combating gender-based violence. It is registered as a Non-Governmental Organization under Section 16 (1) of the Non-governmental Organization under Ministry of Internal Affairs with Registration No. 11419, established in April 2010 with its head Office in Soroti district in the Eastern Region of Uganda.


Empowering women and children to foster holistic development


To attain gender equality in a Ugandan local community through promoting the social, political, educational and economic participation of women and children in community development programs. SCOEN strives to create a future in which all Ugandan women will be viewed and treated equally as men in all aspects of life; political, economic, social, educational and culturally. We will also seek to continue our role as advocates of children and women’s rights, promoter of their capacities and driving force of social change, promoting their participation in the decisions that affect their lives, and amplifying their voices for peace and security at the regional, national and global levels.

Core objectives of SCOEN can be enumerated as follows:

  1. Promote active participation of women in decision making process in Uganda.
  2. Recognition of the rights of the child within the family with a gender perspective;
  3. Establishing child restoration centres to promote education and child sponsorship
  4. Advocate and create awareness among Ugandan women about their rights, freedoms, roles, responsibilities, and civic duties.
  5. Advocating for women’s rights, earl marriage, eliminating discrimination against women including GBV.
  6. Activate and enhance the role of media in promoting gender equality and eliminate violence against women.
  7. Overcoming physical, emotional and economic violence;
  8. Promote health care institutions, enhancing preventive resources against HIV/AIDS
  9. Promote community based health care, nutrition, water and environmental sanitation among people in communities

Our Core Values

Service excellence: We are committed to excellence of the highest standards of quality and professionalism in our service delivery, and we strive to continually improve all aspects of our operations

Trust: We value the children and women to us and to commit to delivering services in a safe and trustworthy environment through respectful, nurturing relationships that promote healing.

Respect: We respect each family’s knowledge, values, ideas and beliefs and give them partnership role in their services and support based on trust and respect.

Hope: We believe in the potential of every woman, child, family and community and champion a bright vision for their future through our service and compassion

Integrity: We are professional and hones in our interactions and hold ourselves and our programs accountable to highest ethical and performance standards. Our own accountability for improved results

Innovation: We actively strive to bring new ideas and creative approaches in our service delivery to identify and address the challenges of today’s families