Share Child Opportunity Eastern and Northern Uganda (SCOEN) is a registered women-led grassroot Non-Governmental organization formed in 2010 by women’s rights and child welfare workers, activists, and professionals who were particularly concerned about the mistreatment of children and women as a result of the north-eastern Uganda LRA conflict; the organization strives to advance the rights and equality for children, girls and young women now and for generations through attaining gender equality in local communities through promoting the social, political, educational, and economic participation of women and children in community development programs.

How and why the child support came into existence.

North and East Uganda faced rebel wars for about 20 years, of which the rebel commander Joseph Kony was behind every kind of instability in the region. So many families were destroyed by the rebel acts, and many parents were killed leaving the children scattered helplessly within the Teso region. It was until the year 2005 that resettlement of the internally displaced people started taking place within the region.
When the husbands were killed and others being taken away by the rebels, mothers were left in a state of poverty, and in turn they gave in for army officers in the region in order to earn a living, but this instead contributed to rampant spread of HIV/AIDS. On the other hand, those who were in refugee camps were severely hit by the HIV/AIDS disaster, and hence leading to an incredible number of deaths of mothers, fathers and children in the region. The region could frequently be attacked by Karamojong warriors, whose target was to kill, destroy and rob the local people of their goods and property.
At some point then, draught struck the region several times, which was characterized by intense scarcity of food and high death rates among the population. As a result, most children needed someone to encourage, guide, taken care of, and inspire them, that yes, a bright future a waits despite their destitute and misfortunes.
Due to the above problems, the Leadership of Share Child Opportunity Eastern and Northern Uganda, together with the well wishers came up with an idea of supporting the children whose parents were victims of war, HIV/AIDS and drought in Teso region.