Members’ Assembly

The Members’ Assembly is SCOEN’s highest decision-making body and is made up of delegates representing all founder members. Delegates  attend Members’ Assembly meetings twice a year, and all are volunteers.

The Board and Management Committee make decisions that are in-line with the philosophy and partner requirements, consistent with their role/responsibilities, ratify the recorded policies, the project director makes appropriate decisions about service delivery, infrastructure in-line with principles, philosophy, aims, policies and procedures. It is the role of the Manager to interpret these documents, ensure they are implemented in the spirit in which they are intended by the Committee. Whereas the Staff makes decisions in-line with the documented policies/procedures on a daily basis, any decisions requiring change to existing policies must be referred to the Management Committee.

Youth engagement

Engaging with young people at all levels of decision-making is key to the way we work at SCOEN

We work not only for but with young people to achieve lasting change that makes the greatest possible difference to their lives. And we can only do this by listening to and responding to the voices and challenges of children and young people themselves. Young people are, therefore, a critical part of our governance structure.

SCOEN offices are encouraged to engage children and young people in our internal decision-making and governance through Youth Advisory Groups

Women Engagement

In SCOEN’s Board, the chairperson, Secretary who is the director and two more members are a woman, with one male; their role is to oversee the day-to-day running of SCOEN, approve the budgets, work plans, ratifying recorded policies. Always make decisions in collaboration with staff and each other. However, in the event that consensus cannot be reached, a three quarter majority of voting members of the committee will prevail. Ensure they are accountable both to each other and to the staff to ensure their active and responsible participation in the Committee.

Head Offices

Head Offices are responsible for all programme operations and Programme Area. They are line managed by the Director, and are branch offices of SCOEN, if put. so have no separate Board or governance structure.

Programme Area

Programme Area are the operation units that manage and implement programmes on the ground. They work directly with children and communities, and also work closely with partner organisations. They are most often located in the communities where the programmes are taking place and are an integral part of the Country Office structure.