Violence Against Women

By cultivating an understanding of violence against women, we seek to transform the way power is used between men and women in society.

A collective understanding of violence against women (VAW) creates strong foundations for our work, and helps us unite as a movement. It allows us to progress toward the same overall goals even as we apply different strategies to address VAW. The SCOEN’s analysis of VAW recognizes that it is part of a broader system of social injustice. Through a “rights-based analysis” we analyze violence beyond women’s individual experiences, but the systems and norms that promote and perpetuate VAW in our societies. We work to achieve social justice and social transformation knowing the positive changes we create will outlive any of our projects, programs, or organizations. We strive to deepen communities’ understanding and connection to a rights-based analysis of VAW through our advocacy and publications, VAW resources, and activities.

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