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Girls Learning

We have a vision that all girls will have access to a quality education and opportunities for lifelong learning by 2030. All girls have the right to access to lifelong learning and the opportunity to develop the skills they need to get good jobs.

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MINISTER ORDERS FOR ARREST OF FGM SURGEONS The State minister for Gender and Culture, Ms Peace Mutuuzo, has ordered local authorities in Bukwo District in Sebei Sub-region to identify the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) cutters, commonly known as surgeons, and hand them over to the government. Ms Mutuuzo made the remarks while addressing local leaders

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a Difference Together

Our vision for the future is a Uganda where girls are educated, empowered, and equal. Girls in Uganda continue to face significant challenges due to gender inequality, poverty and other factors. 7% are married by the age of 15 34% are married by the age of 18 28% become pregnant as teenagers 85%+ do not

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