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  • Posted by: scoen
  • 2018-06-20

I became a mother at 16

“As a teenager, I was not stubborn nor was I bubbly and loud. I was reserved and introverted, almost always engrossed in my books reading and revising. I was also an excellent performer in class, something that turned me into some sort of envy of everyone in our neighbourhood. You could barely tell I had

  • Posted by: scoen
  • 2018-06-20

Child mother testimony moves leaders to tears

In short A testimony of a 15 year old child-mother moved leaders to tears as she narrated her ordeal during the launch of End child marriage€ campaign in Amuria yesterday. Uganda is among the 15 worst African countries with high numbers of child brides. An inter-agency report released in March last year says 46% of

Violence in school affects learning for both girls and boys

While boys and girls can be both victims and perpetrators of SRGBV, girls are often at greater risk of sexual violence, whilst boys are often more exposed to corporal punishment and bullying. Teachers and school staff -important partners addressing SRGBV – can also be perpetrators, in some cases acting with impunity. Poorly enforced legislation, inadequate

Child marriage around Uganda

Nearly 1 in every 2 girls in Uganda is married before the age of 18. Drivers In Uganda, child marriage is often a result of poverty. Many parents marry their daughters in the hope of securing their financial security. Bride price can also a motivation for parents: a younger bride means a higher bride price for

Ending Child Marriage can generate benefits

Ending child marriage today could generate $ 3 billion per year for Uganda by 2030, says a new report published by the World Bank. In contrast, the perpetuation of child marriage would lead to lower educational attainment for girls and their children, higher population growth, substantial health risks, higher intimate partner violence, and lower earnings

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