The campaign goal is to make girls are leading the climate strikes and helping change the face of environmentalism. Inspiring women and girls: onwards and up in environment protection.

Share Child Opportunity Eastern and Northern Uganda (SCOEN) in this campaign focuses to provide economically challenged school-going girls with reusable, well-made and hygienic sanitary pads. To help empower girls to lead a dignified life during their monthly menstruation cycle – an event that remains a taboo and is rarely talked about.

Sanitary pads keep girls healthy and in school

In Teso, many girls miss school during their periods. By giving them the knowledge and means to manage their menstrual hygiene effectively, we’re making sure they don’t miss out on an education.

The campaign will promote the education and retention of the girl child in school through attending to their menstrual Hygiene management. Failure for rural adolescent girls to have proper sanitary menstruation materials such as underwear and sanitary towels can have negative health consequences and also cause girls to worry that they will have a leak at school and be harassed or teased, giving them another reason to skip school during their periods. This is causing girls in Uganda to miss crucial days of school

How it works:

  1. Plant trees in your compound for an exchange of reusable sanitary pads for the need girls
  2. Participate in the campaign – by supplying either trees or reusable Sanitary pad to be part of the SCOEN team.
  3. Plant trees for corporate firms, organization, government and political representatives, well-wisher in return for reusable sanitary pads
  4. SCOEN will provide a certificate of appreciation

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