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We have a vision that all girls will be able to thrive by 2030. If girls are to reach their potential they must be able to live free from violence, discrimination and be equally valued. At present, no country has achieved gender equality – that must change. We are committed to support girls and young women to reach their potential.


Girls and young women are unable to thrive because they face social, cultural and economic barriers. Every year, more than 200 million children under 5 in low and middle-income countries fail to fully develop their ability to think, understand and engage with others. Girls are particularly vulnerable as families often prefer to educate their sons. When they are unable to reach their potential from a young age, girls’ expectations will be lower throughout their lives. Gender-based violence also holds girls back. It is estimated that 120 million girls globally have experienced sexual violence. It undermines girls’ self-esteem, their ability to complete school and their freedom of movement. It also places them at an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. At present, no country has achieved gender equality Problems with accessing justice also prevent girls’ development. In many countries they face discriminatory laws. For instance, in some countries rapists escape punishment if they marry their victims. Rape within marriage is legally recognised as a crime in only 52 countries. Other barriers such as the need for parental consent fear of stigma, and discriminatory services result in a lack of justice for girls.


We have a vision that all girls will be able to thrive by 2030. This is reflected in the sustainable development goals adopted by world leaders in 2015. We are working with partners to develop a report that will track the implementation of the global girls relating to girls which will hold governments to the promises they have made. We are also committed to support girls and young women to reach their potential in societies where they are truly valued. We are working to achieve this by promoting early childhood development, creating safe and inclusive cities where girls are free from violence and fear, and by connecting them with access to justice.

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