7. RUN can't always have hate so the BLUs idle in DT sets while trying to keep up stuff like Occultation, Diamondhide, and Barrier Tusk, it could be very easy to get overwhelmed quickly by multiple mobs. The first of these mini-expansions, “A Crystalline Prophecy,” was released in early 2009. It's give and take, mix and match, BLU is the Mr. While I've never tried this without Tizona, I'd imagine you would run out of mp or be very, very close to doing so. AoE spells/abilities in FFXI that are selectable by the user require a center for the effect Welcome to the level 75 version of the Blue Mage Hunting Grounds. 5 hits and gives you a better chance to cast Utsusemi: Ni without getting hit, or cast the sleep spell if Utsusemi is down. When cast upon yourself without any other buffs up, it works fine but if I cast Diamondhide on myself and then try to cast Magic Barrier, Magic Barrier will act like it's casting and then MISS once the casting is complete and the status effect does not show up. Summer Bounty Campaign (06/26/2020) The following campaigns will commence on Saturday, July 11, at 1:00 a. Bibiki Bay Head to Bibiki Bay and find the??? at F-6 inside a cave. Contribute to AlanWarren/gearswap development by creating an account on GitHub. DefenseMode. However, through the generations, ranks of Trolls made use of their brawn and courage to join the Gigas from the north and the Mithra from the south in the mercenary trade. Potatohead of FFXI jobs. FFXI Lua Addons. Then barbed crescent and delta thrust for dual wield if you dont have a sub for that. < slot12 > diamondhide </ slot12 > < slot13 >battery charge</ slot13 > HouseAtreus - A Ragnarok FFXI LS. Global Topic. Blue Mage Guides Blue Mage: A History, Blue Mage: Guide to Playing the Job, Blue Mage: Guide to Weapons and Armor, Blue Mage Guide, Blue Mage Job Traits, Blue Renkei, Blue Mage Solo Skillchain Guide, Beast Strength Chart, Blue Mage/Equipment Guide, Blue Mage/Blue Magic Guide by Sabishii, Guide to Dispelling Diamondhide is recommended as well. Diamond history. Diamondhide – Applies a stoneskin effect to the caster and all party members within 10’ that absorbs damage equal to skill*0. When set, it grants VIT+1, HP -5, and MP+5. Due to being a blink effect, this spell will be removed via AoE TP moves unlike Utsusemi Copy Image. Reply. From BG FFXI Wiki. Full time defender, cocoon, the defense bonus trait, diamondhide (for your whole team), reactor cool (has ice spikes + a defense bonus), and a genbu's shield. If i'm by myself, i'll use Metallic Body but if i have other people with me i'll add Diamondhide. My Thanks to the BLU's of Phoenix whom helped me gather all the info needed. It costs 3 Blue -I seem to remember one of the Troll spells taking a long time too forget if it was Enervation or Diamondhide, but I think it was Diamondhide. Diamondhide Geist Wall is just preference for not beating myself to death on Blaze Spikes and wasting time healing. Do you have more information on a spell, or a better/new way or place to hunt it? Mar 12, 2019 · 29:05 - Cocoon, Diamondhide, Barrier Tusk and Harden Shell 30:38 - Sudden Lunge Final Fantasy XI Lore: Ch. 3535 mon-sat: 7am – 8pm sun: 8am – 7pm DA: 13 PA: 13 MOZ Rank: 14 Diamondhide ffxi. Associated with Scission , Gravitation , and Darkness ( Skillchains ). It does cost more MP, but it’s quite nice (especially for group content like Dynamis Divergence). Area of Effect (often abbreviated AoE) is a term used to describe spells or abilities which instead of affecting a single target instead affect multiple targets. Damage absorption appears to be: Blue Magic Skill×. Updated stoneskin formula from (blue magic skill / 3) * 2 to (blue magic skill * 0. solo is possible and actually pretty easy as /bst, though I think I was around 70 when I soloed those spells for myself. Use geo trusts because you won't have time engaging at all. Ruaumoko 29:05 - Cocoon, Diamondhide, Barrier Tusk and Harden Shell 30:38 - Sudden  Diamondhide is AoE Stoneskin, which cannot be Dispelled. Hi my SCH Lua started acting weird. current ~= 'None' then if state. english == "Victory Smite") then -- Need 6 hits at capped dDex, or 9 hits if dDex is uncapped, for Bhikku to tie or win. . You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I also don’t set cocoon, diamondhide, or battery charge so that I can use the points for a fourth AOE Spell (tenebral crush is really nice, high damage on porxies, only resisted pixies). Third, always start your cleaving with Subduction as it gives your mobs a very powerful Gravity status, allowing you to outrun them if you need space to reapply buffs or cure yourself. Skip Navigation. E. -Healing Blue Magic spells (Pollen, Healing Breeze, Wild Carrot, and Magic Fruit) are augmented by Healing Magic skill rather than Blue Magic Skill. Then usually add as needed for what i'm doing. Please refer to the Auto Refresh section of the Blue Mage/Job Traits page for details. I got to see a funny game glitch, though: When I saw it wasn't gonna happen I got Diamondhide back up and hit my Warp scroll, but just at the precise moment that it completed and started to zone me home, he killed me and I was invisibly dead in Cape Terrigan instead of showing up dead in front of the MH. lua file (and its supplementary files) to go with this. Seriously, maybe add a 2% chance of increasing your odds of learning a spell everytime you see the spell and you have met the current condition of the leaning of that Hello, I didn't see it on here so I wanted to let you know that I found a glitch while using the Blue Mage spell Magic Barrier. Diamondhide is so much better for a SS buff when you get it, and by that time if you still wanted Max MP boost, you could use Mysterious Light + Hecatomb Wave instead of using Metallic Body. Huntin 4 Games 10,373 views. 5-2 hours for those 7 mobs, because they refused to friggin use it. Diamondhide. 6 + 20. On the same note, if possible, avoid PLD and MNK trolls due to their high def and HP respectively. Trolls are massive beastmen in Final Fantasy XI that make their homes around Mount Zhayolm. 6+20 Blue Magic Skill × . How to Obtain Acquired From Magic of Vana'diel: Blue Magic Single Target Damage: Foot Kick — Power Attack — Sprout Smack — Wild Oats — Queasyshroom — Head Butt — Feather Storm — Helldive — Bludgeon — Blood Drain — Screwdriver After finishing the An Empty Vessel quest, a Blue Mage (BLU) can employ the legendary arts of the Aht Urhgan Immortals, a unit of elite imperial special forces. 5 second: AE: Deals earth damage to enemies within range. Bonecraft Bonecrafting is a craft that works with animal bones and exoskeletons to create moderately heavy armor and a wide variety of ammunition and jewelry. Does anyone have some advice for a fledgling BLU on a convenient way to manage my blue magic. >_> Bold textTemplate:Guide The following jobs are able to dispel in one form or another: The following is a list, organized by mob family, of abilities and resulting effects that players capable of dispelling should be prepared to eliminate. Jump to: navigation, search. I'm still missing some items I would like to have as an end game blue mage but I was still impressed. Description: DMG:102 Delay:200 AGI+10 Evasion+22 Dagger skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Enmity-10 "Treasure Hunter"+1 Weapon skill damage +5 FFXI Auction House Online. I'm <3in Blue Mage but if there's one thing I can't stand about it is constantly swapping spells and making macros for them. I. (PDT). First Page 2 3 FFXI Lua Addons. Ruaumoko 9,650 views. This post isn't really complete, but I accidentally teleported myself and am done for now, so want to get the information recorded somewhere in case I close the text file I'm documenting things in. Related Commands /check on monsters, which gives a Jan 17, 2020 · Notes. They originally inhabited the precipitous mountain ranges that lie in the center of the Aradjiah continent. Tizona is essentially a requirement for this as well. The amount of trouble this saves is just immense. Updated to allow stoneskin effect to override itself similar to Metallic Body. Vertical Cleave is a Blue Magic spell learned from Euvhi. I would change /thf and use +2 th in gear, assume th+ from spells dont stack. As we all know, a BST's work is never done. Aquaveil mechanics: First, I tried to make Aquaveil wear off on RDM without casting. Spell caps  Is it known if the item "Stone Gorget" Effects Diamondhide or metalic body the same way it effects stoneskin spell? Does it effect the Stoneskin "Effect" or  17 Jan 2020 Diamondhide. a guest May 29th, 2017 145 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? or spell. Notes Gives the following stats of a player or familiar (Avatar, Pet, Dragoon Wyvern): Target's name Average item level (if applicable) Primary Accuracy / Primary Attack (main weapon slot) Auxiliary Accuracy / Auxiliary Attack (sub weapon slot) Ranged Accuracy / Ranged Attack Evasion / Defense Does not work on other players or their familiars. Due to Troll's very high HP, DEF, and Diamondhide which cannot be dispelled, they take very long to be killed, even in TP Burn parties with a BRD. etc. Blue magic skill capped for 94, was a couple points shy of 95's cap though. VIT+1, Learned from: Troll (armored) Enervation Blue Points: 5: 67: 48: Lowers physical / magic DEF of mobs in range. Announcing the July 2020 FINAL FANTASY XI Digest; Tuesday, July 7th. FFXI Game Related; General FFXI Discussion; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Metallic Body — Cocoon — Refueling — Feather Barrier — Memento Mori — Zephyr Mantle — Diamondhide — Warm-Up — Amplification — Triumphant Roar — Saline Coat — Reactor Cool — Plasma Charge — Regeneration — Animating Wail — Battery Charge — Magic Barrier — Fantod — Occultation — Barrier Tusk — Harden Shell 506 users online. 67, Diamondhide · Earth Based Blue Magic Spell  My diamondhide with occultation, barrier tusk, and cocoon isn't enough sometimes and then I die cause I can't get a spell off. 3 AoE stoneskin effect at cap according to BGWiki. With certain combinations of spells equipped, they can gain access to a wide variety of Job Traits including Auto Refresh, Accuracy Bonus, and Clear Mind. It deals moderate single-target slashing damage, but misses somewhat often. This spell can not be soloed at learn level. Announcing the July 2020 Login Campaign Deals Wind damage to enemies within range. Mar 12, 2007 · First time, level 70. Oct 28, 2016 · final fantasy xi reddit公開q&a 「復帰者全力サポートキャンペーン」第1弾; ミーブル・バローズキャンペーンのお知らせ; 短冊に願いをこめて 2014; 短冊に願いをこめて; npc人気投票; あなたの食べたいヴァナ・ディール スィーツ募集; シールドデザインコンテスト FFXI BLU Job File. It has the same casting time with a shorter recast than normal Stoneskin as well as providing it to the whole party. It takes. Apr 18, 2016 · Attempted with sword skill capped for lvl 95, with an additional +14 from merits. Cocoon/Harden Shell, Occulation, Diamondhide are probably the 3/4 go-to spells for defensive play without sacrificing much. It costs 3 Blue Magic Points to set. Hello, first time trying out Gearswap, i'm trying to make this BLU lua work, i've put all my sets but it seems that FC and BLU FC are not working properly, it doesn't seem to be swaping to the Blue Magic FC set before blu spells, for spells like Erratic Flutter it doesn't work but it works for Cocoon for example. Provides Blink Shadow Images. 5 days ago Frost Breath · Ice Based Blue Magic Spell · Conserve MP (4), Breath Damage Element: Ice. All the pages but the Delve Boss spells have been filled in. Release Date October 28, 2003. This is so much stronger than both BLU Diamondhide and SMN Earthen Ward, I honestly don't even find them comparable. Diamond hills country club. Can be paired with some of the following spells to create the Auto Refresh trait. I didn't try to pull too much hate though because our main tank is a pld with aegis. Blue Mage Spell Information. Damage varies with TP. White wind, Plenilune, Magic fruit ro HP restoral. It is no longer swapping to the Elemental Cape and Obi when i have the assigned Weather on. diamondhi. 74 Reactor Cool: Ice Spikes Defense+12. FFXI Auction House Online. Damage absorption appears to be: $ {\\text{Blue Magic Skill}} \\times . 6th st. Thickets (F-8) (Blu hunting party lvl 63 w/lvl 75s in party) 1/7 (AF hands) ffxi gearswap lua's for the jobs I play . It is overwritten by Stoneskin and Diamondhide. Campaign Jul 08, 2020 · Tuesday, July 7th. , Buff up and select the??? to spawn a NM Sea Monk named Dalham. There might be a closer/easier to reach spot. Click Here for Credits. The dual elemental spells are pretty much a requirement for cleaving these mosquitos unless you want to use 3+ subductions to kill them. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Job Traits. Additional effect: Weight. The Boneworkers' Guild headquarters is located in the Federation of Windurst, though guild representatives can be found elsewhere. Further info on some of the camps can be found on the discussion page. I basically cure the entire PT with healing breeze and magic fruit, and spam diamondhide. Home Help Lvl 67 Diamondhide -> B. Cocoon (+50% Def), and Harden Shell(+100% Def) speak for themselves, Occultation(+9-13 blink shadows) is also exceptional but has a high mp cost and long cooldown. m. This compendium was mirrored from the original Blue Mage Hunting Grounds website, however I won’t link to it here as the rest of the website that it is hosted on is NSFW and I don’t want that to stop people from being able to browse this on work computers. Overwritten by, but does not overwrite Stoneskin, Earthen Ward, Rampart. Diamondhide Warm-Up Firespit Tail Slap Hysteric Barrage Amplification Cannonball Lowing Heat Breath Disseverment Saline Coat Ram Charge Temporal Shift Mind Blast Actinic Burst Reactor Cool Magic Hammer Plasma Charge Vertical Cleave Exuviation Snoll Kindred Wyvern Giant Bird Bugbear Tonberry Opo-opo Scorpion Shadow Ahriman Sea Monk Morbol Dark We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. Diamond hill mine. I was pulling 5-8 dragons and puks  4 Aug 2016 Buff spells: Cocoon - DEF Barrier Tusk - DT Occultation - 11 Shadows with my set . You will need Occultation, and Diamondhide is helpful as well. Contribute to lorand-ffxi/addons development by creating an account on GitHub. It absorbs magical damage equal to the caster's Blue Magic skill (including gear and Merits) for a duration of 5 minutes. < slot12 > diamondhide </ slot12 > < slot09 > spectral floe Imp Moves: Dark Recital (full aoe dispel, paralyze), Grating Tantra (Aoe Amnesia), Potent Lunge, Diamondhide, Enervation, Aeroja, Overthrow Soulflayer Moves: Azure Lore, Tribulation (very potent Bio AOE), Immortal Mind, Blue Magic spells - Droning Whirlwind (full aoe dispel; can be used even without Azure Lore active), Mighty Guard, Subduction considering Dynamis is the best place to learn Quadrastrike, it would presumably be the case IF the mobs actually use those abilities. -Blue Magic Skill also affects the potency of certain spells, such as Diamondhide and Blood Saber, boosting their effectiveness. 5 seconds to cast and can be recast every Earth Element (FFXI) The element of Earth is strong against Lightning and weak against Wind . No food or major prep, hell I forgot Spells I used was diamondhide, barrier tusk, occultation, cocoon for defense. Enervation. *1 可能性としてはあまり考えられないが、mndが180以上あれば強化魔法スキルが0であっても、キャップに達する。 StoneSkin(5min)> Rampart(0. When set, it grants VIT +1. com - For All Your Home Improvement Needs, Think (1 days ago) Klamath falls. 541. Home Help Search Calendar Welcome Guest. Publisher Square Enix. HouseAtreus - A Ragnarok FFXI LS. Full buffs up, esp Occultation, Diamondhide, Aquaveil, Reactor Cool or See full list on github. Vertical Cleave is a recurring ability in the series. Awesome long weekend for me. Diamond hip hop jewelry. Notes Despite the animation, its area of effect is centered around the caster. Faursel is located within the Tenshodo, so buy or quest a Tenshodo invite in case you haven't got one already. You may also on rare occasions, come across an Earth Elemental around camp, but it should be  Diamondhide, Blue Mage: 67, Earth, Blue Magic, 99, 5 minutes, 26 seconds, 7 seconds, AE, Gives party members within area of effect the effect of "Stoneskin. They can be done in any order and all are uncapped. This does not happen unless your attack is ridiculously low (to the point that you probably should not be meleeing the mob with the buffs you have), so WSDMG will always beat crit rate in anywhere close to equal amounts. Gives party members within area of effect the effect of "Stoneskin. This is just getting retarded. 675) + MND. Blue Mages are quite unique as a job when it comes to Job Traits. The amount of shadows granted is calculated as: Floor(Blue Magic Skill / 50). Rated "T " Developer Square Enix. type == 'WeaponSkill' and state. Defense Down effect value updated from 10 to 10%. You will need a small party, or a skilled Level 75 solo-class A basic experience party set up will work very well. The July Version Update Has Landed! Monday, July 6th. It bypasses Utsusemi, but can be absorbed by Blink. Tiamat hit me for 150-220 on average. english == 'Diamondhide' or spell Diamondhide: Stoneskin: 5 min 0 sec Damage absorbed = Blue Magic Skill*2/3 68 Warm-Up: Accuracy+10 Evasion+10? 3 min 0 sec 67 Amplification: Magic Attack Bonus+10 Magic Defense Bonus+10? 1 min 30 secs 72 Saline Coat: Magic Defense Bonus+50 1 min 0 sec Effect decays over time to MDB+10 before wearing off. Diamondhide is a pain in the ass, but I learned Zephyr Mantle and Enervation in this party. Accuracy Calculations Diamondhide is AoE Stoneskin, which cannot be Dispelled. Diamondhide is a Blue Mage spell learned from Trolls. A template for new hunting areas can be found at the bottom. For Dynamis i don't use Physical Magic, so i'll have things like Sound Blast, Frightful Roar, Temporal Shift, etc etc equipped. The area which the spell is capable of affecting targets is referred to as the spell's (or the ability's) "area of effect", hence the label. OK, I Understand Click Here for Credits. function job_post_precast(spell, action, spellMap, eventArgs) if spell. Using leech pets, you will be able to slowly deplete the Troll's HP. Magic Barrier (マジックバリア, Majikku Baria?) is a Blue Magic spell learned from Ahriman. (500*. You may also on rare occasions, come across an Earth Elemental around camp, but it should be manageable by this point. Self-target only, with Area of Effect centered around the caster. If you have slow, but soul voice marches and indi haste, say Bastok (D) Wave 2 boss, then you don't want to be stuck in DW. HP-5, MP+5, Learned from: Troll (unarmored) Firespit Blue Points: 5: 68: 121: Deals fire damage to an enemy. 67 Diamondhide M (Even at 75 I told people it was a waste of MP and set points and they are not getting it from me) 67 Enervation M 68 Warm-Up M 69 Tail Slap B 69 Hysteric Barrage B 70 Amplification M 70 Asuran Claws B 71 Lowing M 73 Ram Charge B 74 Magic Hammer M 75 Vertical Cleave S 77 Leafstorm M 80 Blazing Bound M Metallic Body — Cocoon — Refueling — Feather Barrier — Memento Mori — Zephyr Mantle — Diamondhide — Warm-Up — Amplification — Triumphant Roar — Saline Coat — Reactor Cool — Plasma Charge — Regeneration — Animating Wail — Battery Charge — Magic Barrier — Fantod — Occultation — Barrier Tusk — Harden Shell FFXI Auction House Online. However, it takes a long time to kill them, because of continuous use of Diamondhide. Finished my multi-hit weapon on Friday after 450 Wamouras…Khanda is pretty awesome, 2-3 times rock, now combine that with full Aurore Set (Store TP+8) Machaera version Store TP+9 and Store TP BLU Job Trait and tell me how does it look… Diamondhide Blue Points: 3: 67: 99: Gives party members in area of effect Stoneskin. Reisenjima T1/T2 low man strats. ". english == 'Magic Barrier' or spell. com -- IMPORTANT: Make sure to also get the Mote-Include. As far as packet injection, many plugins and addons inject or modify packets (now). Sep 21, 2016 · Random Facts Thread: Now with easier searches. ) FFXI Game Related; Race & Job Type Q & A; Blue Mage; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Caps at 320 damage absorbed (500 skill). Please Login or Register And right now, I'm at 0/40+ on Diamondhide with 308 BLU skills before AF body (not including the 10+ Diamondhide I've seen in Besieged already). Other than that, stack as much TA/STP/Acc as you can, free to your own personal preferences. Diamondhide, Zephyr Mantle, Icarus Wing, Ether to full, and top it off with some Sole Sushi and a Yagudo drink. Even though you aren't meleeing the Dahak, it builds TP just fine and you will see a good 5+ JAs per fight. Please feel free to add any new Beastmaster camps discovered but please stick to the format for ease of reading and printing. ^-^; BA Frostbreath, Azure lore Hyst. Category:Blue Magic in Final Fantasy XI contains articles related to Blue Magic in Final Fantasy XI on the Final Fantasy Wiki. Outer Ra'Kaznar upper floor I found Brygen's at H-6 and Fluturini at G-6. PETS: Mad Sheep [11-13] PREY: Rock Eaters [7-11], Mad Sheep [11-13], Quadav [Onyx] [10-16], Goblins [Digger, Ambusher, Butcher, Tinkerer Blu/war was always a lot of fun. oldtimersguild. 2380 s. On NMs (NINs too at times when there are too many mobs) I focus on keeping them stunned with Sudden Lunge while dropping WS's when possible. Talk to Faursel; select the third 'hidden' option (you will notice it's a blank Diamondhide absorbs 1. At the 500+ Blue Magic skill level, players can expect this spell to jump from ~850 damage to ~4700 damage reduction. These formidable fighter-mages employ elegantly curved blades for close combat, while decimating their enemies from afar with fell magic mastered from their opponents. Diamond hill golf. Name Job(s) Attribute Skill MP Duration Recast Casttime Target Description; Sandspin: Blue Mage: 1: Earth: Blue Magic: 10: N/A: 5 seconds: 1. 1. The combination of Entomb followed by Spectral Floe is easily enough to kill. Stoneskin formula is (Blue Magic Skill/3) * 2 Caps at 500 skill. Updated to account for Stoneskin-enhancing equipment. Diamond hit. Final Fantasy XI (FFXI, FF11). Diamondhideis best hunted in the Wajaom Woodlands. Diamondhide - Stoneskin (could probably do without this) 12 Mar 2019 Final Fantasy XI: Blue Mage Guide (Part One). Wasn't hard to keep most those buffs up, and no defense plus hurts a blu's spells, so dmg wise you're the same. Example Diamondhide is reported to cap out at 500 skill and gives 333. Announcing the July Version Update (07/01/2020) The next version update is scheduled for Wednesday, July 8. Diamondhide(caps at 500 skill) and Magic Barrier (total blue magic skill) I generally have two different midcast modes for buffs, recast for spells which have static increases (Erratic Flutter, Nature's Meditation, Saline Coat, Cocoon, Barrier Tusk etc. Apr 26, 2019 · spellid name jobs group element zonemisc validTargets skill mpCost castTime recastTime message magicBurstMessage animation animationTime AOE base Hi all, Decided to contribute a bit of what I've been working on really quickly. Resulting in 12 shadows at 600 skill. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. For equal amounts of WSDMG and Crit rate to be equal when they both apply to every hit, Critical hits would have to double the damage you do. Laid back, not too serious, no drama All about the fun! To apply, contact one of our officers or visit www. They basically fall into two categories: 1) Outgoing modification/injection - Questionably safe in theory. 3. There you can obtain Synthesis Image Support to assist your crafting, as well as buy and sell guild From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team. BST one will filter out different sets for your pet Readies based on the Ready name. -Winds of Promyvion: was 1/7 on it (which is my worst record of any of the post-75 spells, to be honest), but it took like 1. , You will now have to kill three NMs. The Trolls' ancestors Diamondhide absorbs 1. Forum » FFXI » Jobs » Bard » BRD script skill up See Blue Mage Skill Caps for a by-level breakdown of weapon skill limits. I helped him out as well by jumping into a Nana Mihgo BCNM (I still do not even have Moogle Kupo d'Etat -_-;) and killing some THF AF NM for his buddy in the shitadel. 99MP, 90 seconds, 5 minutes Jun 14, 2020 · This can be super hard, or super easy depending on your gear. Winds of Prom for erase-ga, Diamondhide, and several spells that can make having diffusion beneficial in certain situations. Walkthrough After getting the cutscene with Cid at the end of Mission 7-3, wait until the next Vana'diel game day and to talk to Cid again for the first cutscene of Mission 7-4. 885. " Notes Self-target only, with Area of Effect centered around the caster. the only division that SE has ever seemed to put in place regarding Learning, was that it was the correct mob family that the ability comes from as well as the mob actually being able to use it. Diamond hill capital mgmt. Join Date Jul 2007 Posts 18,616 BG Level 9 We still get a well rounded array of spells to support our parties if that is the role we need to fill. Barrage, Headbutt, fren Seven years into the life of Final Fantasy XI, the development team at Square Enix decided to try something radically different -- three add-on "scenario expansions" instead of an all-out expansion pack. Pull the Trolls from F-9/F-8 and bring them to G-8. Metallic Body — Cocoon — Refueling — Feather Barrier — Memento Mori — Zephyr Mantle — Diamondhide — Warm-Up — Amplification — Triumphant Roar — Saline Coat — Reactor Cool — Plasma Charge — Regeneration — Animating Wail — Battery Charge — Magic Barrier — Fantod — Occultation — Barrier Tusk — Harden Shell ---This is why the DW may be turned off and manually used. Kirsteena and Tilion managed to happily Duo a few trolls before I arrived, and secured Diamondhide, saving me a little effort at least. Zoning into Sih Gates from Ceizak Battlegrounds, a wind/thunder hybrid was visible on wide-scan around E-6 and water weather happened later and I found a water/ice hybrid so you can get bot FFXI Lua Addons. Oct 12, 2013 · Diamondhide: 67 Enervation: 67 Warm-Up: 68 Firespit: 68 Tail Slap: 69 Hysteric Barrage: 69 Final Fantasy XI. It gives party members within range the effect of Stoneskin for a duration of 15 minutes. Buff. And Carcharian Verve, its a absolute must. Can AoE curaga >1000 hp with a good set with white wind. 6 = 300+ 20 = 320) While casting with greater than 500 skill will have no effect on duration or potency Jan 17, 2020 · Notes. english == "Ascetic's Fury" or spell. Roughly 30 red trolls later we were gifted with Enervation, and left with a grim sense of satisfaction having destroyed an Archaic Mirror and masterfully assasinated * Players must be level 95 or greater and have cleared all six of the “Trial by” or “Trial Size Trial by” quests in order to receive these items; it does not matter if players have completed all “Trial bys,” all “Trial Size Trial bys” or a mixture of the two types. Read on for a list of items to be added in the next version update. Metallic Body — Cocoon — Refueling — Feather Barrier — Memento Mori — Zephyr Mantle — Diamondhide — Warm-Up — Amplification — Triumphant Roar — Saline Coat — Reactor Cool — Plasma Charge — Regeneration — Animating Wail — Battery Charge — Magic Barrier — Fantod — Occultation — Barrier Tusk — Harden Shell FFXI Auction House Online. Impetus and (spell. Comes with own self-haste in Refueling, Blink, Stoneskin, AoE Stoneskin via Diamondhide, Feather Tickle is great for reducing TP (Light of Penance, not so much), Feather Barrier is great for an Evasion boost, and you have your drain spells in Blood Drain, Digest, or Blood Saber (for AoE), as well as MP Drainkiss or Magic Hammer for MP drain (so Combines With [You can use Self-Destruct as part of a combo to create Auto Refresh. 5min)=Earthen Ward(15min)=Diamondhide(5min) Phalanx 無し Phalanx PhalanxII(最大値) 魔法防御装備 装備の合計値を入力してください。 JOBアビリティ分は入れないでください。(0~99) This is my personal favorite use of Accession AoE. 350 HP is usually enough for a tank to absorb a full hit from even the strong NMs, and is enough to eat most AoEs. Active Aug 04, 2016 · Diamondhide - Stoneskin (could probably do without this) Magic Fruit - Cure Final Fantasy XI in 2017 - BLU & BST Artifact Armor! - Duration: 14:27. It is self-cast only, but can be spread to other party members when cast after using the ability Diffusion. The mosquitos/beetles in Reisinjima are great for cleaving. 1 - The Immortals of Aht Urghan - Duration: 24:54. com Diamondhide isn't that good because stoneskin will wear off quickly but always keep yourself with Occultation, Barrier Tusk and Cocoon. ) on lines 22 and 25 of this file you can put in you wind and string instruments Final Fantasy XIV Pro, Database and Community. Blue Mage Spell Information Description Deals Wind damage to enemies within range. STR+3, Learned from: Mamool Ja May 11, 2016 · FFXI: Searain WAR75 PLD75 NIN75, Garuda server, 2003~2008 and takes years to cast, you may have meant Diamondhide, which is a deal more potent, but has an Forum » FFXI » Escha » Reisenjima T1/T2 low man strats . Entomb and Tenebral Crush for nuke and the rest just spells that could increase my MAB job trait. Do you have more information on a spell, or a better/new way or place to hunt it? Send an e-mail here, with the words: Blue Mage Spells in the subject line. 6 + 20 $ Spell caps at 320 damage absorbed, which is reached at 500 skill. ; Unaffected by Stoneskin enhancement equipment. 5 Diamondhide (Trolls) Enervation (Also Trolls) Warm up (Mamoolies) Firespit (unhygienic, but from Mamools too) Tail Slap (Merrow) Hysteric Barrage (Lamia) Amplification (Flan) Cannonball (Wamoura {the roachy kind}) Heat Breath (Kirin minors aka Manticore) Disseverment (Dagger wielding Aern) Saline Coat (Squids! Also known as Xomit) Diamondhide’s gained a similar scaling tier and is poised as the “party-based” Stoneskin. ffxi diamondhide

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