4. However, if the small dent is located on - for instance - the outer slide, then there may be a little bit more to worry about. Many of the advanced brass services are available on a case by case basis by estimate. i cant send it out to get fixed because i use it every day. The top of the branch is out of reach using dent rods and can only be addressed using barrel shaped dent balls. brassaccessories. Finally, apply a protective coating of oil or clear lacquer to the brass. The bottom crook has a minor dent under the bumper. Dents in the half hard parts are less problematic, but you still must keep in mind that they have some ability to spring back after the force is removed, the ability to stretch beyond the original shape if too much force is applied, as well as a small ability to compress. Replacements of worn, missing, or damaged parts additional. Schilke Music Products is available for select repair and overhaul work on Schilke instruments ONLY. The many services we offer include pad and cork replacement for all woodwind instruments, cleaning and polishing, tone hole and crack repair, solders and dent removal, valve and slide repair, trombone slide treatment and alignment, and case repair. Multiple dents from hail can cost over $1,000. In 2009, Jim’s Musical Instrument Repair relocated to San Dimas, where Jim and his associates proudly provide full-service woodwind, brass, and string instrument repair to musicians throughout Southern California and Western Arizona. BBKANG Paintless Dent Repair Kit - Car Dent Removal Kit Golden Dent Lifter Bridge Dent Puller Kit Pop a Dent Tool for Auto Dent Door Ding Hail Dent Remover 4. There have been many kinds of musical instruments in my shop . This video is about how to remove dents in the curved part of the crook. In addition, this kit is environment-friendly. Once the dent is removed, file the area where the dent existed, sand the area with emery cloth, and buff. Oct 26, 2011 · SuperMagnete documents a clever method for removing dents from brass instruments using powerful magnets. Stress Relief Braces. It has a 7 1/2” bell. He can be expensive, and large jobs do take some time, but the results are worth it. This also allows us to avoid embedding any internal tube debris into the soft brass during the dent removal process. Soft solder is used so that repair technicians are able to repair broken pieces and change or modify parts. It has dents on the tuning slide and on the shoulder tube. Here you see the dented Euphonium. Yellow brass construction and medium bell make it a superb horn for young players. Each kit comes with a host of different tools including dent lifters, suction cups, slide hammers, different sized tabs, knock down sets, glue guns, bridge puller, tap down pegs, screwdrivers Disassemble your French horn (except for the rotor valves which only a technician should disassemble) in a large sink or bathtub of warm water and mild dish soap. Venture removal and or replacement Repairs If your horn is not working correctly, or just seems "off", I can repair anything your horn needs dent removal, soldering, valve work & alignments, refitting slides. Dent rods allow you to insert the dent balls into the instrument. Estimates are FREE! klein's brass instrument repair is fully equipped for services such as dent removal, instrument alignment, brace fabrication, removing and adjusting slides,installing of water keys, rethread valve casings, replace valve string, corks, rubber stoppers, felts, screws, springs, and remove stuck mouthpieces Extra lubrication of trombone slide bearing surfaces. We do not chase storms. Services such as dent removal, slide repair, custom ring or saddle fabrication, tube replacement, lead pipe mounting, trigger installations, amado water key conversions, and other custom tweaks are billed at the shop rate of $100/hr. Dings and dents can be removed with metalworking tools - hammers, spoons and dollies, but it takes a great deal of skill to remove a dent and "get it right. •If the key moves freely, continue. . We chemically clean both inner and outer slides, remove any minor dents in slide tubes, straighten, and align. 1. Repair Home / Repair Our highly skilled jewelers and silversmiths take extra care in repairing antiques and other valuable metal items such as silver, brass, copper, pewter, etc. Complete restorations and refinishing of all brass instruments. The metal case measures 7 1/4" width x 12" length x 1 1/4" thick Steel Barrel set includes approximately If there is no brass horn repair service in your area, I would suggest paintless dent removal auto repair facilities. ) this one will tackle roughly 90% of the mouthpieces you will likely run into. Our qualified brass repairers can help with servicing and repair work on host of Brass instruments from Soprano Cornet, down to BBb Tuba. I had to bring the handslide up to playing condition. The bell and stem dents were removed using a number of different techniques. G45A Cork Barrel Dent Remover, Larger Size Apr 09, 2012 · This week consisted of more trombone slide work. Completely dismantle; Ultrasonic clean all parts; Reassemble; Regulate and lubricate slides and valves; Adjust valve action; Replace corks and felts as necessary; Play test. uk. Dent Removal; Complete instrument overhauls available at very competitive pricing. 30am – 5. That's over $200. Trombone slide repairs; Piston and rotary valve service; Dent removal; Chem cleaning; Trombone valve wrap conversions (closed to open wrap)  Dent repair and removal; Drawing and bending of components; Polishing, finishing and lacquering. Music & Arts has one of the largest musical instrument repair networks in the nation. Dear Customers, We will be closed from August 14th to August 23rd. This is the special conductor's model, the slide stays in one place so your hand is freed up to cut off the band. Marvin Kranz-Owner/ Woodwind Repair -Dent removal-Horn polishing (314) 921-3578 ©2017 by St Louis Woodwind & Brass. √ stuck mouthpiece removal. Chem-cleaning, polishing, silver and gold plating. Correct piston valve alignment. The tuning slide moves. 99 $59. Gliston Auto Dent Puller Kit - Adjustable Golden Dent Remover Tools Paintless Dent Repair Kit Dent Lifter Puller for Car Large & Small Ding Hail Dent Removal 4. No more fillers, paint or costly body shop bills. Repairs & Maintenance. PDR Vehicle Dent Repair Dent Repair Kits, Yamaha Trombones, Dents Women's Gloves and Mittens, Bach Trombones, Vehicle Dent Repair Puller Rods, Tenor Trombones, 3b Pencils, Trombone Brass Instrument Mouthpieces Removing dents is on of the most important jobs a band instrument repair tech has. Buy the package at a reduced price and get our F10 Dent Hammer set plus our F70S screwdriver set for FREE. Part five helps band directors deal with horn stringing, stuck pistons, stuck trombone slides, split mouthpiece Remove seals and let water drain. At my shop all dent work starts at $20. The tool has coated aluminium handles and a user friendly stabilising wing. Sep 06, 2019 · First, remove old finish from the brass with a standard paint stripper. For instance, Holton and Olds require the large G45A, but Conn and Martin, the smaller G45B. Trombone Slide Clean & Align: A complete tune up for your slide. Straightening keywork. Look, you can defy gravity. If we need to remove the outside slide crook to realign the outside slide tubes you will be charged $225. Once all of the dents were out, I polished the inside of the outer tube with motor oil and Tripoli buffing compound on a lathe with an undersized trombone mandrel. The playing slide being vulnerable to dents and bends means that the main goal is  Shop a wide selection of Dent Removal from Dawkes Music, the Woodwind & Brass specialists - FREE delivery. We repair all brass instruments, with an emphasis on French horns. Dent is removed. Buckles are a part of band instrument techs endless dent repair. Save money with the best paintless dent repair kit on the market. It's job is to block oxides which allows the solder to get in the pores of the brass or metal. MDRS - MAGNETIC DENT REMOVAL SYSTEM We have incorporated the most technologically advanced system of removing dents from brass instruments. Trombone Slide Dent So, there is a small dent on my playing slide, it still slides, but I hear a scratching noise, so I know I have to repair it. Trumpet repair, Trombone repair, Tuba repair, French horn repair. I worked on practice slide tube dents on a single trombone outer slide tube. I made a dent rod that has dent balls hard soldered to both ends. F10A Dent Hammer F10B Dent Hammer F10C Dent Hammer F10D Dent Ham Welcome to Brass-Fix UK's new and improved / improving website which is under development at present. Dents, Dings, and Metalwork. 59 List List Price $29. Staying here and providing reliable service is important to us. Apply a few drops of slide oil to the slide, put it back together, and lock the slide lock. 7727 Contact@dentlesstouch. The crook has a few smaller dents. Tenon and crook cork replacement. The bell section has some dents. The two standard sizes of dent rods for use on trumpets measure 1 inch in diameter by 48 inches in length and 3/4 in diameter by 48 inches in length. The Magnetic Dent Removal System (MDRS) and its components (other than the Apprentice Kit) were developed for use by Band Instrument Repair Technicians, including all members of The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT). 00. We use him for dents on newer instruments where there can be no scarring. Procedure: •Sluggish key action results in a key that flops or bounces. com Many dents on brass instruments can be removed easily using these knuckle tools. Valve & Slide Repair. Ecarteurs à lames réglables Trombones. Website (940) 264-3368. Trombone Tuning Slide Dent Guard Clear SIZE#3 King, Jupiter and similar makes Horn Dent guard protects burnable areas of your instrument from accidental damage, engineer to resist impact, instantly fit to most make and models does not tamper with your quality of your sound, can be easily removed from special performance, ( huge savings on costly repairs!!!) preserves the appearance value of your instrument. While it's best to have several sizes for different instruments (horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, etc. We invite you to call or come by and talk to us. We'll inspect and test it free of charge, usually while you wait. The inner slide has one small tarnish spot. ), we also have magnetic dent equipment. Just follow the simple steps and enter the information into the worksheet. Repair. These changes to the body of the instrument can cause changes in pitch stability, tone and general playability. Replacing parts. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. The slide hammer can completely repair a dent when used in conjunction with a few other materials, including body filler and primer. Complete the information required on the repair form accessed from the button below Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a major instrument repair, the Repair Shop at Music & Arts can help. 58. J. Trombone Repair Specialists. A buckle can be defined as an instrument where the throat is out of round and may have lighting bolt creases. Dents and dings have been removed in our shop, the mouthpipe is new. Home Dent Removal. Never thought this could be repaired. 0127mm), qualities that far surpass other mandrels on the market. That takes years of patient practice, annealing over and over, hammering off-dolly so you don't stretch anything, "talking" to the different alloys and learning how each one reacts at different thicknesses to attempts to shrink a stretched divot or fold. 010" or . Warner Robins Music. ) While most of this work is performed using traditional tools and techniques (rods, balls, mandrels, burnishers, cables, etc. Remove old finish, make repairs, remove dents, order or make any missing parts, replate if needed, rewire with new sockets, final hand or machine polishing and two coats of metal lacquer. The tool is polished chromed steel. This, however, is desirable for dent removal in which water will make the metal very soft and ductile. Item #2080-  The Dent Eraser is the amazing magnetic dent removal system for use on brass bodied steel balls to substantially simplify musical instrument dent repair. These are worked under the dent and with the use of the proper dent hammer, the high spots of the dent are brought down at the same time the low areas are raised. Trombone slide dent removal, straightening, and adjusting of bent or sprung trombone slides Cork, pad, and spring replacement Servicing and alignment of valves for proper airflow Rotary valve bumper replacement to reduce noise and restore alignment Chances are good that if your brass, woodwind, string, or percussion instrument needs repair, we can fix it! The list below is just a sample of the types of repairs we can perform. Even lamps that are extrensively dented can be restored to a condition that would allow the collector to unashamedly display the piece in their collection. Place your hand on the rod to measure the location and then slide the rod in until the tube reaches your hand. L. Lacquer Tenor Trombone $80* Silver Trombone $100* Lacquer Bb/F Trombone $90* Silver Bb/F Trombone $115* Lacquer Bass Trombone $90* Silve Bass Trombone $115* *Prices are based on instruments in average condition. Wind instrument repair tool Cone Sheet metal roller Saxophone Tuba Trombone Trumpet Dent repair tool With extension rod. Basic Trombone Slide Service: $60 (plus parts) Our Basic Service includes ultrasonic cleaning, removal of accessible dents in the slide tubes, straightening of outer slide tubes, aligning of inner slide tubes to outer slide, replacement of water key pad. This video is about how to remove dents in the part of the crook near the slide tubes. Find the best Mobile Dent Repair on Yelp: search reviews of 76 Culver City businesses by price, type, or location. usarmyband. 0 (0) 1 Orders. 0. Expandable dent removal tool for tenor & bass trombone. Open Menu Close Menu. When you get a small ding in your car, try repairing the dent yourself rather than hiring a professional. Guide To Repairing Trombone Handslides TROMBONE HANDSLIDE MANDRELS. Cut rope, cork, tape, excess threads on uniforms, etc. This system, designed BY repair guys FOR repair guys, allows removal of most dents all the way down to a 1" diameter on inside tubing. We offer full service repair on all makes of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Brass Repair Descriptions: General Service: Disassemble instrument. Talk to us about your auto body repair work, complete paint jobs, panel replacements, and everything in-between. Mechanical and Cosmetic Overhaul – These specialized services are available by estimate only. Here is the link Band Repair Demo's by Michael Durocher 3,646 views · 15:35. The hammers are available individually or in a set of 5. ) Shop a wide selection of Individual Dent Balls from Dawkes Music, the Woodwind & Brass specialists - FREE delivery In-Store Visit Booking Info Here - Open Online 24/7 Menu Thank you for visiting Brass & Reed Music Center, specializing in instrument repair for over 30 years. ) Dentless touch dent repair, we remove hail damage, door dings, creases, large dents, and acorn damage. Keep the music going and  KBB Music specialises in Brass and Woodwind instrument repairs and servicing. Installation of 3rd Slide Triggers on Flugelhorns Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), also known as Paintless Dent Removal, is the fastest, most affordable and least intrusive process for vehicle dent repair. ppsx) Machine Tool-Related Videos Common Lathe Operations Explore the wide collection of Dent at JL Smith & Co. Specially designed suction devices are sold in car repair stores for this purpose. A mouthpiece trueing tool is indispensable. Moving up the stem, I began to use French Horn dent rods with removable dent balls to push and rebound dents out. Mar 21, 2019 · Dents on the moving part of the slide have to be removed, obviously. 00 worth of FREE tools!! I inherited a stainless steel fridge that saw many moves before it came to my house. If there ever is a issue, concern, or if you just have a question we are always here and willing to help. Any other problems such as dents and sticky valves can be sorted out at the for both piston and rotary valves; Trombone slide dent removal and alignment  8 Sep 2014 How do you know the difference between a dent that will affect the in the repair industry has developed methods of removing dents from  Trombone w/ Rotary Valve, $129. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. 015"- too small due to the connection ring and hand slide ferrule soldering, which shrinks the We are your local Ford dealer. Custom Placement of rings and Saddles. Custom taper is made to fit most small models by King and Jupiter, plus others with similar geometry. “Bill Smith Music is now offering extreme dent repair on all brass instruments. Chemical Cleaning The Brass Felix Lamp below shows what can be done with this type of dent. If you are unable to fix the problem at home then it is recommended to take your brass instrument to an expert. with scissor tool Cut wire Product Title Paintless Dent Repair Tools Removal Kits Pops a 2-in-1 T Bar Slide Hammer for Car Auto Body Dent Hail Damage Remover Average Rating: ( 2. Slide-alignment. Gold Service. May 12, 2018 - Trombone tuning slide dent repairs at www. First, I used a roller and a bell iron to get dents out of the flare and rim. What is the best option? While most of this work is performed using traditional tools and techniques (rods, balls, mandrels, burnishers, cables, etc. Manufacturing or sourcing of specialist parts. We use a series of mallets of different weights and hardness against a tapered mandrel to reshape the bell back to its former glory. Smith is your source for instrument repair services, tools, parts, and supplies. Trombone: Full service. Be prepared for some repairs in the future such as slide repair, a common problem when the slide is sluggish. We have a broad selection of dent removal equipment and can remove dents from anywhere on your brass instrument. 99 We do brass, silver, copper and gold plating and polishing of brass, copper, pewter and sterling silver. You insert a steel ball (smaller than the dent) in the instrument, and then use a padded Over time, brass instruments tend to acquire dents, which can change the shape of its body, and its pitch or tone. Trombones have unique servicing requirements. 4 Way Valve Alignment * Replating of valves, slides, etc. For brass instrument repair, including saxophones and other metal parts on woodwinds. Brass instrument repairs & servicing work includes: Dent removal. After working in music stores and having apprenticed in other repair shops, I have owned my own repair business since 1994. Five different sizes, various shapes for dent work. Once you remove the old clear coat, wash the brass with hot soapy water. Browse our dent removal tools now! The looming loss of 46 R-36M2 (SS-18 Mod 5) heavy ICBMs, which are to be written off over the period of 2016-2019, will make an especially big dent in the Russian nuclear deterrent. 20 Jan 2020 There are two techniques to remove dents in trombone tuning slides. Speaking from a brass players perspective, the lead pipe is the most important part of the instrument. Warner Robins, GA 31088. Show. Dent Doc is leading provider of high-quality Paintless Dent Removal and Hail Damage Repair in Tulsa. The assembly and operation process are not complicated, provided you follow the manufacturer’s manual. One drills a hole through the very center of the dent and inserts the hook at the end of the suction device, which typically looks like a plunger. After two rounds of practice dents I moved on to a practice hand slide. Some dents may be fixed easily while others may require more extensive repairing. com. "The Better Way on This trombone plays but it needs some dent repairs. With standard repair equipment, you can repair a dented brass instrument easily at home. Then polish the brass using a lemon or vinegar solution. Take it to a specialist and it will come out perfect and as new Jan 28, 2007 · A trombone cannot be fixed to the point that it is perfect, but there ARE some ways to make it better- so that dents, twists, and bumps will be lessened. Instruments will be ultrasonically cleaned. This will produce a smooth burnishing action. We specialize in band and orchestra instrument repair. 30pm. We can take care of any of your automotive needs, from purchasing a new or used car, to auto repair, from general maintenance to major repairs. Magnetic Dent Removal System (MDRS) was developed by Eric Satterlee and Wayne Tanabe and uses the most powerful Rare Earth magnets currently available – the N52 – for the removal or improvement of dents in large bore brass instruments (tubas, baritones, euphoniums, sousaphones, large bore marching instruments and baritone saxophones. We used to use a N52 Metric Trombone Slide Mandrel or N53 Regular Trombone Slide Mandrels fitted into the slide and a N12 Burnishing Ring to burnish the slide. This trombone plays and sounds good. Your trust is very important to me. You choose which option is best for you and then we proceed with your repair (if that’s what you want). If a dent was large, sometimes you had to work your way up to it. This tool is a complete departure from previous methods of trombone slide dent removal. Removal of stuck slides. We can *Excessive dent removal will be charged on an hourly basis. </p> <p>All mandrels have a full radius machined and polishe Sep 03, 2019 · Dent repair tool kits we recommend Best of the best: BBKANG Paintless Dent Repair Tools Kit Our take: A comprehensive dent repair tools kit that has everything you need for a wide variety of repairs. The significant weight of this dent barrel 'packs quite a punch' when using with a rebound dent removal method. While dents can be removed gouges and deep scratches in the metal cannot be removed. 1/2-13 threads are compatible with many other dent removal tools and is a great match with our other sax dent barrels and dent rods. 703. The shop rate is $120/hour, charged in 15-minute increments for tasks such as dent work Oct 14, 2009 · If it is the music store they only repair it to a certain level, such as the dent is removed and is slightly fixed to look smooth. 99 Product Title Paintless Dent Repair Tools - Dent Removal Kit 20pcs Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $15. Dent removal is a necessary evil with brass instruments. 0005" (0. 30pm and on Saturdays 09. Note: Prices do not include shipping costs, which vary based on services performed. Taking a different approach to old style slide fixing tools, this new N87A doesn't damage the slide legs in any way and easily takes care of any small slide dents. Music & Arts offers high quality, affordable repairs on woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, electronic instruments, and more. The dent in the instrument is stretched, and the Oil the fixed dent rod heavily. They might could help you remove some dents in a brass shell etc. Over the course of time, many brass instruments will acquire small dents and dings. It is a very cluttered shop that smells like oil, metal and time. Our trained and knowledgeable paintless dent repair technicians can provide all of the services you’d expect, all while saving you money and cutting down on the time required when compared to traditional auto body repair. It moans and grones in its The price of trombone slide service (does not include shipping or shipping box) is either $165 or $225 depending on the service provided. Paintless Dent Repair Kit. Most dents can be removed at home using standard repair materials and tools. With any luck, your dents or crush zone will have been pushed out by the expanding ice. Burnishers · Dent TROMBONE. Aug 04, 2018 · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Brass Repair Cam - Trombone Slide Leg Replacement (Abi) YouTube Trombone bell dent and lacquer work - Duration: 18:22. Tous travaux sur trombones, réglage de parallélisme, remplacement des Car dent removal is available mobile dent repair technicians have the solution. For further details, see the Rath Trombones website. 10  Dent Removal. It has an 8” bell and the tuning slide moves. For certain types of dents, this can mean quicker, less expensive repair, especially with sax bows and low brass instruments. Years later, with the N12 Burnishing Ring mounted in the vise, lubricate Inspect the tubes, slides and the trombone rotor for bent or dented spots and take your instrument in to an instrument repair shop to have severe damage fixed, since you will not be able to repair a trombone trigger at home if the rotor’s motion is inhibited by dents in the metal. 77. jimflys2 789,169 views Sep 14, 2016 · pleh doktor - baritone bm symphonic general cleaning, dent repair and mouthpiece overhaul - duration: 10:43. Repair Dents in Pipes and Brass with Ice. Apr 15, 2010 · Tubes were fixed by drawing balls on strings though them. PDR saves time and money over conventional repair. Best Budget Option: GS DIY Paintless Dent Repair Kit Metal Tap Down Pen. 2. Badly damaged trumpet. More info Cheap Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:Wind instrument repair tool Cone Sheet metal roller Saxophone Tuba Trombone Trumpet Dent repair tool With extension rod Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. We would be happy to provide an . DENT REMOVAL TOOLS. The H-378 is Holton's so-called "student model" double horn, similar to top-of-the-line Farkus models. Please contact us first via phone or email josh@jlbrass. These Include:  Precision Valve Alignment Valve Re-building. This bundle has everything a repair tech needs. We also have a complete body shop, from fixing a small dent to major body repairs. All types of repair on sterling, silver plate, copper, brass, pewter Soldering Dent Removal Polishing Casting I used to work as a teenager at a brass instrument repair shop. If you have minor dents and dings in your vehicle, you may be able to remove them on your own using common hand tools or chemicals that can be purchased at many local retail stores. Mouthpieces sometimes get dropped and dented at the shank and the DEG tool re-rounds them. Phenomenal service and terrific outcome- total cost was 1/3 of what body shop would have charged to repair/ paint and looks good as new. 161 likes · 1 talking about this. This tool is used in our shop primarily to soften and smooth areas that have had dents removed. 2020 Ecarteur pour Trombones ténor & basse. 1 Sep 2011 Water expands when it freezes, and you can use that property to your benefit if you're trying to get the dents out of thin metal pipes or dented metal containers, or in the case of this particular Instructable, a brass instrument. Use it to protect your trombone main tuning slide from dents. The hand slide moves with a dent around the 4th position. I couldn't believe it. The dent repair kit includes a glue gun, dent lifters, crossbar with wing nut, adhesive sticks, release agent and finishing tool. Shop a wide selection of Bocal Dent Tool from Dawkes Music, the Woodwind & Brass specialists - FREE delivery In-Store Visit Booking Info Here - Open Online 24/7 Menu Michael Davis is the owner of the Davis Silver Co, and has been running a full time solo operation since 1996. Just some other suggestions to try! The horn has never been seriously damaged. brass. Apply a small amount of grease to the tuning slide and put it back into your trombone. Then he said the dents would take 20 minutes and cost $20. Those just seem to be the spots that strike doorways, music stands, tables, tuba players, etc. Also great for use in saxophone bows. Th What Woodwind Repair Tools Do I Need To Start My Shop? 5 Nov 2016 Brass instrument repair - Courtois Trombone dent repair There isn't a way to do this if there is a dent on a curved piece of tubing right? 27 Jan 2020 There are two techniques to remove dents in trombone tuning slides. If there are any dents in the mouthpiece shank, leadpipe or initial bore then these dents will affect the brass instrument considerably and will need to be repaired by a dent removal expert to get the best out of your instrument and improve your personal performance. If it exceeds 20 minutes worth of work, the charge is about $1/minute. Robb Stewart is arguably one of the best brass repair technicians in the world, and we're lucky to have access to his services. Cleaning. pleh doktor - servis trobil david kajič 141 views Jan 30, 2009 · From the Band Instrument Repair Program at MN State College-SE Technical (Red Wing). (800) 727-3822 · 564 14th St Oakland, CA 94620 Dent work is performed either with a rawhide mallet, a dent hammer or hand manipulation. When you bring it to the store we will use all of our diagnostic tools to accurately describe what is wrong and assess what the repair will cost. To assess if your particular dent is a good candidate for this repair method, first look at its location. Price: Shop Rate $75 per hour Jul 04, 2011 · You want to use something between the sax and the magnet. As a result it has dents in both doors. VOTAW TOOL COMPANY. Howe ver, my customer base has grown, and I have a bit of a backlog, so please contact me to discuss how long your repair will take and when would be the best time to bring it to me. No Co Paintless Dent Repair has been servicing Northern Colorado since 2003. Dents, cracks, splits or other damage can be fixed correctly restoring the item back to its original condition. There is a variety of automotive dent repair kits and tools available, and the best kit for the job depends on the type of dent you’re dealing with. i really need to get it undented. 2213 Old Jacksboro Hwy. These can include: dent balls, dent rollers, mandrels and hammers. S. It should NOT cost over $100 unless the slide is really reslly bad May 09, 2011 · The dent it so tiny :( How much will it cost to repair? How long, I need it by May 27th. I believe the outer one is the main problem, so how much does it cost to fix the dents? What about just the outer dent? Thanks! VACATION NOTICE. Before trying any of these methods, inspect the dent. The trombone has an open, resonant tone, which can both blend well with for loose items in your case that could bounce into your trombone and dent or If you have Amro's Maintenance & Replacement plan, any adjustments and repair it  Trombone. Note: all valves and slides must be operable, all additional dent work, valve work and soldering is priced separately. 99 $89. Proudly created with Wix. First loosen the two string screws and remove the old string. Fort Myer, Virginia. Trombone repairs. The Conn 3 mouthpiece has wear. Inside tube damage is not as common as that to the outside tubing but it is very important that it be addressed. Ultra Sonic Cleaning Instrument disassembled, remove accessible dents, ultra Magnetic Dent Removal Slide work - clean, align, dents, $45 & up. Machined from rust-free stainless steel, they come in a broad range of curvatures and sizes. All trombone handslide repairs require an Ultrasonic cleaning. But, no luck. If there is a dent in this, then it will affect the tone/sound production much more than a dent further down the tubing. I've tried all the hacks, heat, plunger, and more plunger and heat. Dana Hofer Brass Instrument Repair, Inc. Push slowly and carefully; don't stretch the metal out. While most of this work is performed using traditional tools and techniques (rods, balls, mandrels, burnishers, cables, etc. This is a good, A very small dent in the tuning slide can potentially be taken out within minutes if it is in the hands of a well-trained and experienced brass repair technician. Feb 10, 2020 · 2. Various factors effect the costs involved in this work, such as the severity of wear and damage, the rarity of replacement parts & materials, the type of finishing required such as "scratch" or "matt" metal Paintless Dent Repair Tools 5 Pieces Of Dent Removal Rods With Awl head Dent Hail Repair Tools Paintless Dent Removal Kit Car Auto Body Dent Removal of Hail Dents and Door Ding 3. This cuts down on the possibility of cracking or stretching the metal. Annealing for improved response and pitch. Scott attended Dillard Drive Middle School, Athens Drive High School, and the North Carolina School of the Arts before moving to NYC to get a degree in bass trombone performance from the Manhattan School of Music. Minor dent work is also included. The tools are designed so that they can get into many “hard to reach” areas, then dents can be pushed out without unnecessary hammering or over working the brass. Silver (brush) plating for touch-up and spot repair work now available on workshop hourly rates (£35 ph)! No-obligation quotes for restoration & finishing work are available on request. Nov 18, 2016 · If your trombone has a dent, take it to a repair technician right away. Valve overhauls - piston & rotary. We offer consultations, appraisals, and accurate Bring your French horn to the Amro repair shop at least once a year and any time you feel it's not playing its best. : SERVICES OFFERED. Clamp the vise to a table or workbench. Does anyone know a solution? Perhaps an automobile body shop!? My current fridge is working well but I'm afraid it's terminal. It is also very convenient for the automobile owner with repairs taking only minutes or hours compared to days with filling, sanding and repainting. From small dings to major dent  Below is a list of what we can do:​​​ ​ Chemical flush/cleaning Dent removal Brace soldering Trombone handslide action Trumpet valve action. US $100. Cut a 5- or 6-inch piece of Fly Line Backing (the string). Dents can also affect the instruments structural integrity. Flux for soft soldering is usually made of zinc chloride. √ dent removal. Brass Repair The Brasswind and Woodwind Repair shop here at Kolacny Music Company serves Denver’s finest professionals as well as the area’s most discriminating teachers and students! It is also on site, right here at Kolacny Music on Broadway. If there are any dents in the mouthpiece shank, leadpipe or initial bore then these dents will affect the brass instrument considerably and will need to be repaired by a dent removal expert   to get the best out of your instrument and improve your personal performance. ” When brass is manipulated, it becomes more brittle and susceptible to cracking and further injury. A good paintless dent repair might look perfect, or close to it,but the metal underneath that shiny paint is still damaged. Some musicians take courses in band instrument repair or simply learn to do basic repairs on their own. Each missile carries 10 nuclear warheads, meaning that Russia will lose half of its deployed warheads in one fell swoop. I showed the guys the dents. Additional charges apply for parts, Slide alignment, Slide dent removal, general dent removal, re-soldering etc. Instrument Type. BRITETone® Brass & Woodwind and PROcussionCare® CymbalCare were both formulated to reduce surface tension in metals. 00, $498. Steps. Trombone Slide Specialist * Dent Work * Amado Water Keys. (This will give the additional tension needed to make the key more responsive. We remove door dings, creases, hail damage, & dents without compromising your vehicle's factory paint job in-shop & through our Mobile Dent Repair service. THE PREMIER PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR COMPANY OF THE TRIANGLE. Trumpet Valve Jobs Valve Alignments (OPM) Replating Overhauls Restoration Customizations Chemical Cleaning Trumpet Repair Dent Removal Appraisals : Go see the For Sale page! New items listed in June!. A. Contact us today 812-325-4091 for a free quote. Our PDR process has made Dent Wizard the worldwide leading paintless dent repair company, while also being the innovator of various SMART (small to medium repair techniques) repairs. PLAYING TEST ON COMPLETION OF WORK. Estate found, vintage set of Steel Barrel Type Dent Balls used for smoothing out dents in Musical Brass Instruments. Now that everything has been chem flushed I can start work on dent repair Dents There were a lot of dents in this project trumpet. co. Whereas for regular dent repair the average cost is from $150 to $200 or more. Brass Instrument Repair Services Custom modifications, restorations, and rebuilding services are available for the entire family of brass instruments, with some restrictions on tuba and euphonium dent work. Correct rotor back bearing fit and alignment. Use the dent burnisher to smooth out any remaining small dents in the area. Two standard sizes are necessary to cover the major brands. The best tool to start fixing a buckle is a dent roller. I am a brass player myself, and I promise to treat your instrument as if it were my own. Please email or phone my number published at  Extreme dent work and new parts, installed or completed only by signed customer approval. This process is slow and difficult but the results speak for themselves. √ solder joint repairs. Smoother Wind instrument repair tools slide trombone dent Deformation Sheet metal repair tool Trombone pull tube core gold. Drill one hole in the center and more holes a few inches apart, scattered throughout the dent. Sales of MDRS are not limited to NAPBIRT members. Wichita Falls Casing and Piston Repair Casing/Piston Repair Clinic 2017 (136 MB PDF) NAPBIRT Conference Trombone Clinic Support Videos Buffing Trombone Outer Tubes Making Trombone Outer Slide Nosepickers Wrapping a Trombone Cleaning Rod Straightening a Trombone Slide Stocking Trombone Clinic 2012 (54MB . Dent removal for the greater DC area. 99 $ 29 . 0 ) out of 5 stars 4 ratings , based on 4 reviews The dents were removed from the outer slide using a series of hammers on a tight fitting trombone handslide mandrel. US $287. The team are on hand to help with any brass related repairs Monday-Friday 9. Reshaping dents on a brass instrument is done by hand. 89 $89. Apr 23, 2020 · Minor, reachable dents are removed as part of your instrument's repair. Fitting new consumables: springs, felt, cork & neoprene. Cleaning and lubricating services for brass instruments include degreasing, gently washing and removal of build up and corrosion that can inhibit maximum performance of the instrument. Most of my time working on instruments was using these tools to get dents out. They removed all the dents from the body perfectly and ordered a couple trim parts (that are metal and not fixable, just easily replaceable), … PAUL P. Dent Removal. Seal each end of the fishing line by lighting it and then pinching the end to melt the strands together. The hand slide moves with a little drag. March 3-6, 2021. Welcome to Votaw Tool Company! My Account; My Wishlist; Checkout; Log In; Credit Card Processing is currently unavailable due to maintenance. The patented Dent Eraser works through the use of rare earth magnets and precision manufactured steel balls to substantially simplify musical instrument dent repair. Most dents are the result of a sharp blow to the object - often from being dropped. Rotors scratch brushed as needed. Be very careful with the disassembled parts as the smallest dent will prevent them from fitting back in your French horn and moving properly. 150 S Houston Lake Road. Repairs we do fall into two groups; playing condition (PC) and full restoration. All repairs are done in-house, and all plating is done at the industry's best plating shops. Having dent work done on your brass instrument not only improves it cosmetically, but tonaly as well. Things Required: – Tapered dent rolling tool for your individual instrument (these are widely available for trumpet, trombone, and French horn) – Dent Feb 13, 2013 · removing dents from brass tilley tanks' Repair of Tilley 246 ‘pork pie’ presscall replied Jul 8, 2020 at 2:19 PM. Good original case and mouthpiece are included. Dent Heads offers the Best Paintless Dent Repair in Bloomington, MN & the surrounding area. com Repair dents and dings from the comfort of your own garage with this crossbar dent repair kit. Please use PayPal or call 800-894-8665 to complete a credit card transaction. 18 Mar 2018 This severely dented trombone bell needed more than just dent work to make the damage disappear. For expedited repair service on any of your Akron Brass products, please follow the directions below: Repair Process: Read and indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions for Akron Brass Repairs. Single French Horn * Excessive dent removal or part(s) replacement will incur additional costs. They either May 01, 2020 · Trombone maintenance is a practice which should be a part of every trombonist’s daily playing routine. Dis-assemble, Ultrasonic clean to remove organic compounds, lime and calcium deposits, removal of minor dents, fitting of valve bearings  dent removal, stuck slides, cleaning, and valve work on most brass instruments , including, but not limited to: Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone  -Yes, you can ship any repair big or small to us. (Please note: if you are using a blended fiber or actual string, this usually will not work. √ bell crease repair . Bring your trombone to the Amro repair shop at least once a year and any time you feel it's not playing its best. Nevertheless, when they are easy to reach, removal of these dents make the horns more acceptable to players at little cost. My instructor put in dents and changed the span and skew of the outer and inner tubes. SWEENEYBRASS is the workshop and repair facility run by Scott Sweeney, musician and maker who grew up here in Cary, NC. How much will that repair cost? Use our (PDR) Paintless Dent Repair estimate calculator to get a quick and easy estimate for your vehicle(s). Can be adjusted by a repair technician. How big does it have to be to need repair? Trombone Dent Guard for King/Jupiter/et al - black This snap-on dent guard is made from high-impact plastic. Shipping costs vary from one retailer to another. This is an inexpensive and very simple kit that will allow you to tap away pesky dents with ease. Thread size: 1/2"-13 Oct 01, 2010 · I dropped my trombone, and there is a slight dent on the outer slide, and a dent on the inner slide. 646. There are different tools that can be used to remove dents. Jim has been a NAPBIRT member since 1989. More info Low Brass Repair Services Baritone and Euphonium Repairs. Appliance repair shops, no help. We have all the needed tooling, including the new MDRS system. Cleaning & ultrasonic cleaning of valves or component parts. 99 $59. Extensive Slide Service: Starts at $90 (plus parts) Here at Dawkes Music we have 4 highly skilled brass repairers on site. Restring rotors and/or adjust linkage on rotary valve instruments. It works really well for the larger dents that are Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a relatively new process for removing minor dents, dings and hail damage from automobiles. Using modern techniques with magnetic dent removal the cost & repair time is kept low while achieving amazing results. Some of the most obvious need for many brass instruments is the removal of dents. com/ trombone REPAIR POLICY. Akron Brass Company Product Repairs. Trombone cleaning agents, such as the slide oil and slide lubricant, can cost $5 to $30. Some of the kits come with lubricant or a teflon plate, I just use an old sock (classy, I know). We also do metal repairs, rewiring, retinning of copper pots, and antiquing & patinating. If it didnt work, you can try sealing the ends with a more rigid device like a cork or hard plastic cap. Paintless dent repair service in Bloomington Indiana offering auto dent removal, scratch repair, hail repair, paint chip repair, bumper repair and headlight/taillight restoration. And if you have Amro’s Maintenance & Replacement plan, any adjustments and repair it needs are free. 30am – 4. Call us at 918-706-8170 to request quick quotes! Evaluation and Preparation for Repair Here is a trombone slide that didn't work very well, a typical problem we see all the time. Store Location: 23 South Tropical Trail Merritt Island, Florida 32952 Hours: Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm • Saturday, 10am - 3pm: WE OFFER: In some cases dents are cosmetic, but most dents do affect how your instrument plays. Please plan ahead for your parts and supply needs. 管楽器リペアでは、専門技術を持った技術者による、お客さまのご希望に合わせた「 点検・調整・修理」を承ります。調子がおかしいと思ったら、まずはお近くのヤマハ ミュージックリテイリングの店舗へお問い合わせください*1。お見積もりはもちろん、 ヤマハ以外の  ヤマハミュージック 池袋店での「管楽器・ピアノ・弦楽器」の調律・調整・修理についてご 案内しています。 Brucker Hall. com site has instruments and mouthpieces that are privately owned. If free shipping isn’t included, then be prepared to pay $40 to $60. Calfy Dent Repair. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Services. For certain types of dents, this can mean less effort and a quicker, less expensive repair, especially with sax bows and low brass instruments. When soft soldering it is important to use flux. A buckle can also have a bell fold but in order to fix the bell you have to work out the buckle first. May 17, 2017 · Experiencing problems with the tuba and its various components is a normal part of owning an instrument, and many of the issues that do arise can be quickly and easily fixed by a qualified repair technician. Trombone slide overhaul. In a flare, you used various balls that would work the middle of the dent outwards to the normal diameter. It is cheaper than traditional dent repair because there is no need to use paint and fillers. Usually trombones dent on the end of the slide or up by the tuning slide, also on the bell. Align trombone handslide and remove handslide dents: $70 Paintless Dent Repair Tools 5 Pieces Of Dent Removal Rods With Awl head Dent Hail Repair Tools Paintless Dent Removal Kit Car Auto Body Dent Removal of Hail Dents and Door Ding 4. Monday : 10-8 Tuesday The hair dryer dent removal method won't work on a car that's been totaled, but it generally works well on smaller dings and depressions in certain portions of your vehicle. 00, $649. Come see us at Broadway Ford and see why we make the difference. Superior Services Not only do we offer the general body repair services, but our professionals also offer unique and specialized services, including paintless dent repair, sprayless scratch repair, and alloy wheel repair. Then, merely slide the trombone slide back and forth over the working part of the tool with a slightly rotating movement. All instruments are tested by playing after  Minor adjustments to serious dent removals, we can get your instrument fixed quickly so you don't miss a beat. •Using a spring hook, push the weakened needle spring in the opposite direction slightly. Some tough dent work on this trombone bell #brassrepair #trombone #bell #dent #work #beforeandafter #brass #instruments #instagram #followus @ Dana Hofer Brass Repair Trombone Slide SPL (Straighten, Parallel and Level) Part 4 Inside Slide Sighting down the outside length of the inside tubes aids at detecting imperfections such as dents, creases or warping. The bottom crook has an inside dent which is slowing the slide down. Keeping a clean instrument not only serves to maintain the value of your investment, but it also helps keep your slide and valve movements easy and smooth, allowing for more maneuverability with the instrument and better sound quality. The hook provided him with a reasonable grip which the disc alone cannot offer. Tear drop shape and a sharper radius behind the midpoint of the the ball works especially well for raking or rebounding dent removal procedures. Trumpets; Cornets; Flugelhorn; French Horns; Trombones; Tenor & Baritone years of experience to do a top dent removal job no matter how big or small. www. Mouthpiece or Lead pipe Modifications. Your slide will be quick, responsive, and even. Oct 11, 2019 · Dent repair can be extremely expensive, especially if you have to have the vehicle repainted after. 3 out of 5 stars 484 $46. Trombone slide repair will warrant a page of its own. What this means for the repair technician is that BRITETone can be used as an additional tool to facilitate smoother mandrel bending and dent repair with less distortion and finish marring. 9 out of 5 stars 19 1 offer from $144. Davis Silver Co can remove dents, repair handles and covers, fabricate missing parts and repair silverware. Basic repairs are simple to do, but some repairs like piston positioning must be done professionally. 1 out of 5 stars 93 $80. We have outlined the process below. (Unless I can get a school trombone) The school will send it to the shop, so you know. " For small, tight areas, it may be necessary to fabricate your own tools. •Start by unhooking the needle spring. The Fly5D 65Pcs dent repair kit has thick and super-strong glue, which helps to create a secure and even adhesive layer when repairing dents. Because this is a repair that must be done very carefully, make sure that the musical instrument repair technician has prior experience repairing brass instruments. Soldering. Free Shipping, Save 70% off the price today Hi! My name is Arslan Gadz, I am the owner and technician of Ars Dent Repair. In addition to band and orchestral instruments, I have repaired concertinas, bouzoukis, bagpipes, mechanical instruments (like a Tanzbahr, a player-piano type Very large dents can be fixed by actually pulling the dent into line with the rest of the sheet metal. Sometimes dents are just a cosmetic flaw that doesn´t seriously compromise the playability of the instrument. Some hard-to-reach dents, such as in low brass branches, can be removed quickly and inexpensively with the magnetic dent tools we have in our shop. Comes with a sturdy plastic stand for any three dent balls tapped for 1/2 inch 13 threads. Turn the adjusting nut until the expandable working part of the tool is snug under a portion of the tubing that is dent free. Dent Removal Automobile Body Repairing & Painting Windshield Repair. National Ave Springfield, MO 65803 U. The average cost for service is from $75 to $125 for one dent and depending on the vehicle. 99 May 15, 2020 · We can remove dents from any part of your instrument. The inner slide looks good. All of the products listed on this site are available to purchase through this site and we are adding more products every day! If there is anything that you cannot find please do not hessitate to call us on 07774 932 475. 99 We offer a wide range of dent removal tools, including dent balls, burnishers, dent rods, and other specialist tools. Trombone Dent Guard for Conn/Getzen/et al - black This snap-on dent guard is made from high-impact plastic. Traditionally, dents were removed from brass instruments using a steel ball threaded onto a rod. We repair and restore porcelain and ceramics as well as papier mache, plaster casts, glass, and more. Paintless dent repair is commonly used to avoid more time consuming and expensive repairing methods. 59 $ 15 . Push the dent ball at the end of the rod against the dent(s) in the instrument. It is always good to have dents removed to keep your horn in top condition. Step 1 Drill multiple holes in the dent in various places. The "For Sale" page here on the DoctorValve. The older man held the trombone and checked all the fittings and found a problem with the trombone unrelated to the dents and fixed it right away with a wrench. The diameter of the ball equating the inside size of the tube. Auto Dent Repair in Huntington Beach, CA . Dents should not be removed while the metal is hot as brass has little strength at high temperatures and will crack easily. Repair, Polish and Lacquer; Remove old finish, make repairs, remove dents, rewire, final machine or hand polishing and two coats of metal lacquer. Should you have any questions about instrument repair, please contact us. Dent Techniques Paint-less Dent Repair (Mobile Service) is a Dent Techniques Paint-less Dent Repair (Mobile Service) based and operated company that provides the best service in the field of paintless dent repair, windshield repair, headlight restoration, bumper repair and more. Tilley X246B Newbie problems Dec 04, 2008 · I notice that my trombone had a dent in it. 0 (0) 0 Orders. 99 I do brass repair. If you have any questions or get stuck, simply give us a call at (866) 685-4245. It also allows for a little "English" on the ball to hold it to the dent even though the ball is . 15 avr. This particular slide was from a Yamaha YSL-456G. Pressure is exerted downward on the instrument while the rod is held firmly in a vise. Freeing & fixing seized or sluggish valves, rotors, slides or mouthpieces. If it feels like it is problematic, speak to our Repair Shop on 01823 338517 and see if there is anything that they can do. 0 out of 5 stars 20 1 offer from $144. Dent Dominator is your local source for paintless dent repair services. Be advised that if the water has nowhere to expand, it may rupture your leadpipe or brass tubing, so keep that in mind. Ultrasonic Cleaning – Your instrument will be cleaned and flushed using on of our "green" Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks. SITE DESIGN BY REGAN VASQUEZ. We want to assure you that shipping will resume on August 24th. When will you be taking in new repairs? -We are  Instrument Repair Services and Prices Trombone w/ F-Attachment – $170 Due to the nature of dent repair, we will need to see your instrument in person  Instrument servicing. We also replace the end bumper, water key cork, and spring (if needed). The tube, with mandrel inside, is rolled on the Trombone Slide Dent Roller. Custom taper is made to fit most models by Conn and Getzen, plus others with similar geometry. This debris can cause obvious problems   18 Nov 2016 Fortunately, the problems which trombones have fall into a few simple categories: stuck mouthpieces, stuck slides, broken solder joints, and dents  Trombone & Slide Servicing. Dent removal. Strip Lacquer. Mfg by Erick Brand Elkhart, Indiana makers of~Musical Instruments and Repair Tools. Water expands when it freezes, and you can use that property to your benefit if you're trying to get the dents out of thin metal pipes or dented metal Roberto from Italy repaired his dented brass instrument on his own with the help of super magnets. The handles are user friendly. Affordably priced, the set is built with the same precision and design features as our larger #2491 set to effectively remove dents from trumpet bell pipe crooks, trombone This tool is great for removing abrasion dents or ping dents in the bottom bow of a trombone without taking it apart. A new style dent removal tool for Trombone slides from the American tool makers Ferrees. Remove slowly. Phone: 800-894-8665 +1 417-865-7509 Fax: 800-894-7165 +1 417-862-7165 Automotive Dent Repair Kits & Tools, saxophone repair, Watch Tools & Repair Kits, Boley Watch Tools & Repair Kits, Levin Lathe Tools & Repair Kits, Tubas, Saxophones, Yamaha Standard Euphonium Euphoniums, Trombones, Levin Watch Tools & Repair Kits Made from precision ground drill rod, each finely polished mandrel holds a diameter and roundness tolerance of +/- 0. Step 1: Note where on the car the dent is located. Additional Repairs Trombone hand slide work, valve work, tuning slide pulled, solder joint, silver polishing and hand detail, dent work, replacement of broken or missing parts, or fitting or replating of valves. I used all of my knowledge from lecture to remember what tools I needed to use for specific dents. Machined with smooth radius edges from rust-resistant magnetic stainless steel. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Brass Instrument Repair Tool Barrel Dent Ball Set 101 Piece FERREE'S N57G at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Our #2486 BARREL DENT BALL SET offers the beginning shop an excellent solution for dent removal on trumpet, trombone, and other small and medium size brass instruments. 3  Explore the wide collection of Magnetic Dent Removal Tools at JL Smith & Co. It is also used to reround the tube during the straightening and leveling process. Everyday emergency band repairs can be done in the field with this tool: True the bent shank on any brass mouthpiece Adjust any key on any woodwind instrument (2 jewelers screwdrivers and many other screwdriver options) Push or pull a woodwind spring back into place (3 spring tools) File sharp edges, knicks, etc. To do so, he used our largest magnetic hook FTN-63 as well as a humongous disc magnet 45x30 mm. Trumpet/Cornet Tenor Trombone Rotor Trombone 24 Mar 2020 Dent removal and truing bent slides is time consuming. Slide the dented tube or bell over the the dent rod. The more experienced colleagues worked on woodwinds, because they are a lot more tedious and require more skill. Align trombone handslide and remove handslide dents: $70. These guys are pretty good at pushing dents out without damaging the finish. Rough out accessible dents (those reachable without unsoldering). N ormally m ost repairs can be completed in 1-2 days. With my specialized knowledge, skills, and PDR tools I can remove a dent from your vehicle without leaving any trace. For us to offer any sort of accurate estimate, we need to see your instrument. If you’re heading to the repair shop, here are some of the most common issues with the tuba that may need to be repaired. This trombone plays but it needs some dent repairs. Here are the steps to repair a dent on an outside tube: Place the correct size adjustable rod inside the tube so that the expanding end is about ¼ inch past the dent. We can offer a Trombone Repair & Servicing Specialists. 89 $ 80 . The business started here and will remain here. It's thinned out and its structure has been weakened. The heads are hardened steel. or call 1-708-482-8153 to schedule an appointment. One end has a narrow bend and the other one a wider bend. Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most Brass Repair Tools at Musician's Friend. The steel rod and ball are inserted into the bore of the instrument up to the point of damage. Trombone Services. But as long as the paint is still there and it's not immediately obvious, that's probably good enough. Jul 17, 2017 · Brass and silver serving dishes or chargers make a stylish table but often suffer scratches and dents while in use. Votaw Tool Company 1523 N. No need for paint or fillers; Easy to use; Completely safe Discover how Paintless Dent Repair can Remove Your Dents and Dings Three Rivers Dent has been repairing dents, dings and hail damage in Pittsburgh PA since 1998. BBB Rating: A+. VINTAGE BRASS MUSICAL Instrument Dent Repair Kit Erick Brand Elkhart Indiana! - $363. Over 25 years of dent removal experience at your service. 99 $ 46 . Although the silver used in jewelry, cutlery and hollowware is hardened with other metals, the brass in these items is usually soft enough that minor scratches can be repaired with a few special compounds and some patience. Removing oxidation and contaminants from the inside of the outer tubes Checking the slide geometry, making adjustments to make sure the tubes are properly aligned Ensuring that the tubes are perfectly round and dent free Get the best deals on PDR Automotive Dent Repair Kits & Tools. Dent in the trombone slide. Musical instrument repair for brass instruments. You guys do amazing stuff, I saw a tuba that had been run over by a truck returned to life from its flattened state by one of your kind. trombone dent repair

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