SCOEN Uganda is seeking funds to build a classroom building of 4 classes for Primary 1- 4 pupils to keep children in school and one VIP Latrine for Acomai Primary School a public school in Bukedea District. Whether we live in tribal or modern communities, the need for learning are there and so educating our children in the modern context is essential not only to prepare them for intellectual excellence but also to develop their correct mindsets on issues within and outside their community. $22,211


This project proposal seeks to solve the problem of lack of school building infrastructures and Pit Latrine. The school has one temporal classroom structure accomodating 4 classes with 1 class conducted under tree with office, the land always flood when it rains; the school also has no pit latrine. However, the school has strived to do its utmost best in maintaining the educational standard and quality and continued to deliver classes in these deteriorated building conditions.


The overall goal of the project is to make available sustainable facilities, more conducive to accommodate 4 classes and provide a VIP Latrine. To achieve this, a classroom building and one pit Latrine are to be built. The Acomai Primary School Board of Management, Parents and Teachers Association together with the school administration fully support the project. These classrooms will not only directly benefit the 234 children enrolled at the Acomai Primary School a public school.

Long-Term Impact

The new classrooms will provide a conducive environment for the children to learn in, sheltered from the elements, they’ll be able to concentrate better, be divided and taught in their appropriate age groups, learn and acquire skills that will benefit them greatly in the future. In addition, have the resources, space necessary to help more children in the future, greatly change their lives, also affect the lives of those children who join in the future, seeking to receive a quality education.

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