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What can you do to make online spaces safe for women and girls?#EndVAW #PeventGBV Via GBV Prevention Network ...
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Honesty, loyalty, safety and security; that's all a women really wants. #16DaysOfActivism #WomenSafetyAndWellBeing ...
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#GivingTuesday - Together we stand 💪 Together we give ❤️ Your donation, whatever the amount, will help Girls Parliament to end child marriage in Uganda.. Thank you so much for your support! this post and let’s spread the generosity 🙏 ...
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What if we tell you that the story “The thirsty crow” you read does have some real-life basis? Here’s one video of a cute birdie trying to drink water from a bottle by picking up stones & pebbles to drop in the bottle. Just same way girls are thirty for our individual effort to keep them safe Donate via to keep them safeVideo courtesy: Twitter/Aditya Raj Kaul ...
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We owe it ourselves and our communities to keep everyone safe by wearing masks, social distancing and following all standard procedures.

For our community of activists and human rights defenders still actively working to prevent and end violence against women and girls, staying healthy is how we protect ourselves and others. #EndVAW #PreventGBV

#WomenSafetyAndWellbeing is more than essential during the Covid19 Pandemic. On top of already existing inequalities and discrimination, women have shouldered extra caring responsibility during the pandemic, with no or little extra support. #16DaysOfActivism

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