How exciting!  Our Refugee Week Fundraising Appeal is kicking off soon, 14th June and runs until the 30th June, 2021.  The period celebrates the spirit of refugees – of the individual and the community – and indeed global’s spirit.

I hope you’ll not only join us in celebrating refugees during our upcoming festival – but over the course of the next few weeks get stuck in to help us raise funds, allowing us to provide much needed advice and services to those seeking help.

Do you know it costs us $65,000 USD a year to run this service?  A lot of money to raise, right?  But there is always a need for funding – not only for existing services but also to enable us to do more.

Support our life-saving work

Our Refugee Week Fundraising Appeal will help us raise money to continue our life-saving work.  We help bring the joy that food brings among South Sudanese refugees at Bidi Bidi Camp that is soon vanishing as food funding continue to decline!! We help people rebuild their lives in Bidi Bidi Camp but we need your help to continue this vital work.

Calling all supporters and champion fundraisers

If the support, dedication and utter generosity is shown anything to go on – we’re in good hands.  And I can’t wait to see what innovative and creative ways people fundraise – or simply donate.

Need a little fundraising inspiration

Please donate, consider telling your friends and family about our project, raise funds at work – really there’s so many ways to do so

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