We support children to exercise their rights as citizens, to express their views and to organise themselves. This helps ensure they live more secure and fulfilling lives

Our priorities in Child Participation

Supporting transparent and accountable public decision-making

All citizens, including children, have the right to know how their country is run and how their national resources are spent. Government officials are responsible for sharing this information with them, justifying their actions to them and listening, meeting and responding to their needs. An important part of this is ensuring public monies are spent in children’s best interest.  However, public decision-makers often place children last on their agenda and find it hard to discuss public spending with them.

SCOEN works with public institutions and their officials to support them to become more responsive to the children’s and young people’s views, and to ensure children have a genuine say in public decision-making  – including public budgeting.

We achieve this by influencing changes at multiple levels, particularly among public officials, children and young people, and civil society. For instance, we work to ensure that public accountability mechanisms such as school management committees, district health forums and national budget review committees support children’s participation. This can be as key users of the services, in governing public services or in designing and implementing policies. We also seek to ensure children and young people continue to be consulted in these processes and that public officials are more responsive to children’s needs.

We also work with public officials to fully recognise that young citizens have a right to information and to give assertive feedback. We support them in being more willing to accept constructive criticism from children and young people by supporting them in managing consultation and accountability processes and building their capacity to be transparent, consultative and responsive to young citizen’s questions.

Our work also extends to collaborating with civil society and community members to learn to value young people’s leadership skills and how to capture young people’s feedback. This also covers engagement with public accountability mechanisms.

Our work with children and young people is focused on developing their capacity, knowledge and leadership skills to engage with public officials and accountability mechanisms. The emphasis is on supporting them to engage in accountability work in a non-confrontational way and to manage potential conflict with public officials.

Importantly, we are also committed to leading by example, ensuring we are open and transparent with children, youth and communities in all aspects of how we work and what we seek to achieve together.

Supporting young people’s engagement in accountability mechanisms

Information technology (IT) is giving children and young people unprecedented opportunities to hold governments to account, and to engage in ensuring public services are run in their interest.

SCOEN supports groups and organisations of young people to learn how best to monitor and provide feedback to governments and how to use IT to support them in their efforts.

Evidence shows that children and young people (and their organisations and groups) need to be information literate to engage collectively as active citizens and to participate effectively in public accountability mechanisms. They need to be able to access, analyse and use age-appropriate, child-friendly public information to generate the evidence they need to advocate for change.

To achieve this, public officials and national legislation need to support children and youth to access and use public information and promote freedom of information, open data and public transparency at different levels. They also need the capacity, willingness and incentives to support transparent processes, collect data and make information accessible.

Children and youth must also be willing and supported to understand the importance of public transparency, their right to access information, and to interpret and engage with public information to assert this right. They need to be supported to develop strong analytical, leadership and the critical thinking skills to effectively analyse and use public information for evidence-based advocacy.

Our focus at SCOEN is to develop precisely this type of expertise in supporting children and youth to engage with social accountability approaches, particularly at the local government level. This includes engaging with community scorecards, budgeting and ICT monitoring tools. We support high-quality child and youth-led advocacy at all levels on issues that are relevant to them, such as access to public information and transparency, service quality improvements and Convention on the Rights of the Child monitoring. We are also developing expertise in supporting children and youth to access, analyse and use public information at community, district and national levels.